Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Sound Effects and Music


Provided by Royalty King

I chose this as one of my sound effects for several reasons, the first been that the actual walking sound seems to fit with the actual motions of character walking really well and I am heavily considering this as one of the more accurate sound effects for the final result for this animation. The walking helps in hence the Dramatic Impetus in the Animation due to the eco sound that it has which helps contribute the emptiness of the environment.

Provided by SFX Planet

I chose this sound effect because the sound effect seem to work really well with the dramatic impetus of the desolate wasteland hinting that everything  is destroyed creating sadness and pain in the progress. The down fall with this is that the previous chosen sound effect seemed to work a lot better than this one, so i will not be using this sound effect.


Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

I will either use this sound effect or the one below because they are both excellent examples of explosion that I could actual use for the moment and highlight that this is not only a random explosion but an important event that is happening in this story line, that could change it all.

Provided by Iwan Sounds and DIY

I will either use this sound effect or the one above because they are both excellent examples of explosion that I could actual use for the moment and highlight that this is not only a random explosion but an important event that is happening in this story line, that could change it all.


Provided by MedelProductions

I have chosen this sound effect to add a bit of comedy to the dramatic impetus at the end of the animation, when the character in the dust pile blinks in shock at what happened, this in turn causes the target audience to be surprised by the sudden turn of events and then laugh at the end results.


Already have a suitable sound effect for that gathered. I will use a softer wind sound effect for this animation.


I will be covering that with my own voice acting. I will use gasps, ohh and aahhs to enhance the emotions that the Character displays when he is examining the mysterious items.




Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Final Version

Here is the corrected version of the Surprised Man with sound:

I have successfully altered that mistake by editing the sound effect track for the blinking now the blink is in time with the animation and works perfectly with the last scene of it and makes the comedy for this ending much more effective and funny to the target audience. The opening actions of the character and the item coupled with the sound effects now successfully show a strong sense of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. For example the character watching the slow falling item in the desolate windy environment builds not only suspense but also tension for the character and the target audience. This is then broken in a sudden change with the character catching the item and the woah sound effect and collapse of the character, creates a moment of humour. Causing the target audience to burst out in laughter and also look at the character in concern, as well as wonder. The next scene keeps the story set in a constant form of humour and curiosity with the character examining the mystery object that the target audience can’t see and the sound effects add to this. The curiosity of the target audience is design to then be spiked by the sudden glow of the object and the lighting up of the target audience.

All in all this project has come out really well showing and effective use of Actions, Environment, Colour, Sound and Narrative to bring to life, one of my most humorous but also dramatic animations that draws in the target audience.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Final Version

Here is the final version of the Surprised Man with Sound:

As you can see I have now added the sounds to animation to help highlight the Dramatic Impetus and the Emotive Context and increase their effects on the targets audience. A majority of the sound ideas did come from the previous mentioned animation. For example my animation doesn’t use a music track because from my research from animations such as Alarm, music tracks aren’t always needed to show the Emotive Context or the Dramatic Impetus, a single sound effect is all that you need. I followed this and used a low but slow blowing wind sound effect to show how desolated the landscape actually was that the character was placed in. Surprisingly this worked and makes not only area feel lonely but the target audience sad for said character and wonder why they are there (Although this is never shown why but that wasn’t the main focus of the animation). The actual empty environment helps increase this effect as well and keep focus on the main character like I hoped.

Other sound effects that where used within this project such as the gasps and ohhss are used to not only highlight key moments such as the character examining the mysterious object but to also enhance them so that they have a bigger effects on the target audience with Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. These effects do indeed draw in the target audience and help make them much more curious about the actual item that he caught.The only downfall with this is that the blinking sound effect at the very end of the animation is off ever so slightly so I will either need to move the sound effect further down the animations timeline or edit out the extra blink. These sound effects help me for fill my intent by helping enhance the dramatic impetus and emotive context moments as well as showing that I have broken the convention.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man V4

Here is the fourth Prototype of the Surprised Man:

As you can see this version of the Surprised Man animation is the finished version without sound. The Dramatic Impetus within this narrative is shown effectively with several actions the character does within this animation. Such as the character catching the mysterious item. I decided to break the convention with this, by making the item a lot heavier than it looks, the character acts surprised when he is thrown off by the sudden change of weight. Which has two effects on the target audience one been that they are shocked themselves by the sudden surprise and it also makes them laugh because of how the actions make the character look ridiculous with his actions in this moment of motion. The animation also displays an effective use of Emotive Context as well with the actual use of the character’s expression when he is examining the item that the audience cannot see. The expression the character uses to create the emotion, is to draw in the target audience with the curiosity and to also influence what the characters are actually feeling themselves. The unique combinations of both the animation style and colours within this animation help bring it to life and with the help of the action of the character helps finish this project of and also draws in my target audience effectively. I think that I managed to for fill my initial intention with this project and have displayed an effective use of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context, as well as the convention.

This clip below was one of the main inspirations for this animation:


This was produced by Onesai and the reason why it is one of my main inspirations for this project is that it utilizes a wide range of actions, sounds and colours within this animation. For example there is no music played throughout this animation due to the fact that the main focus is on the alarm and the noises that come out of the main characters mouth. This is done first to make the target audience feel the the same annoyance of the character while this story is happening. I will have to consider how powerful a single sound can be in a animation. This animation also helped me come with the idea of an explosion. His animation with the alarm been shot at the end it is unexpected and surprised and defies convention, which is what I needed something for this project.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man V1

Here is the first prototype for the Surprised Man Animation:

This was more of a test to see if the animation worked correctly, mainly the movement of the character walking so far. As you can see the walking of the character was influenced with the help of the videos below:

With help of the people I recorded, I was able to analyse and understand the concept of Human movement and apply it to my own characters movement, as you can see above. This helps influence the Dramatic impetus of the story even if there isn’t much at the time for the story to be influenced by. The only down fall with this short animation test is that the arm movements of the animation are a bit rough and the hands don’t actual do much. So when I continue to work on the animation I will need to look more into the hand movement part. The only successful dramatic part of this animation was falling object but even then the actual dramatic impetus of this isn’t the best because the falling object doesn’t do much. But the characters actions enhance this scene with moving of his arms and eyes to keep an eye on the falling item.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Surprised Man Animatic

Here is a Animatic of the Surprised Man Storyboard:

As you can see I gathered various sounds effects for a prototype animation that I developed from the final storyboard so that I could see how the actual animations works with them and shows if I have successfully shown Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context. The sounds I gathered do indeed help bring the animation together and show what my intentions were aiming for. For example I chose not to include music within this animation because I think it makes the chosen environment feel even more empty and sad, which in turn makes the target audience feel this emotion and wonder why the character is in a desolate place. I did this so that the attention is set on the character but at the same time the soft wind blowing makes the target audience take into account what is happening around the character, which leads to them noticing the falling but mysterious item. The main downfall for this project was that I had to use a couple of the frames again for when the character is looking at the item, while this did help stretch out the amount of time that the character was actually using to peek at the item once it was caught, the constant use of the same storyboard frame made it look unappealing. Another downfall is that I am missing a few frames throughout the animation, which makes some of the actions performed by the characters less effective and unappealing. The most successful thing about this animatic is that the narrative is still understandable and sound effects help enhance that, which helps bring the Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context to life.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Final Design

Here is the final design storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


As you can see I chose my third Design idea as the one I wanted to develop and maybe change for the final design. I chose this design for this process because I knew that the story it contained had potential to show a strong amount of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context within it’s self. This can be seen at the beginning of the animation with the character catching the falling object that we cannot identify at the time and then almost collapsing from the unexpected weight that the object actual posses. When I first thought about how I could clearly display dramatic impetus, I ran several different ideas through my head but the most of them unfortunately seemed to use standard conventions and I wanted to be unpredictable with this in my intentions so I couldn’t really use them. I will give some of the examples of a few of the ideas, I did originally consider such as having a man catch an egg and having something hatch from it most likely a chick or a dinosaur but I realized that this is quite predictable unfortunately.

I gained inspiration from this clip for Emotive Context with just how the Steven and Amethyst interact with each other in this scene and it gave me the idea of how the characters emotions would be on display to the target audience and how they will effect not only them but the story at the same time. For example, the look of amazement when the character opens up his hand to find out what he has caught consist of several emotions that are influenced by his own appearance, the environment and the sounds that might be used later on. The emotions that are displayed here are ones of excitement for what is about to be discovered by the character as well as been slightly anxious. This is used to also pass these same emotions on to the target audience.

This storyboard successfully for fills my intention for this project of a effective example of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context, not only for the curiosity of the character but also the explosion of the character later on.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Idea 3

Here is the third storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


As you can see this storyboard has successfully stuck to the given brief with the fact that the character keeps the item he catches from the sky hidden for a while, while also occasionally peeking at said item. So I am already implementing the Dramatic Impetus aspect of this animation project just by having the character constantly examine the item of interest with curiosity and this in turn triggers emotive context because the character then appears to have a focused and excited expression on his face when he looks at the item. While the animation is quite basic in a sense, the story is still given and there is a strong sense of symbolism within this animation as well because the explosion can represent two things one the characters actual end or what he actual has caught is something really exciting and the explosion represents the characters own excitement at what he has discovered. The shading on the final facial expression of the character also helps highlight something that the character will only see and not the target audience, which helps trigger excitement but also disappointment that they will never see what the actual item is …. or so they think. I have stuck to my original intent perfectly this time, there is effective dramatic impetus and emotive context as well as me sticking fully to brief so I am happy with this storyboard so I will take it up to the next level and develop it.


Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Idea 2

Here is the second storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


This next storyboard was a little different from it’s predecessor in many ways. For example when I started off the story instead of having the characters walking through a barren wasteland, time I had him laying down on a chair relaxing for really no apparent reason but it helped show that the character had a laid back and relaxed nature. Which was perfect for the narrative of the story because it allowed me to show the surprise of the character when he sees the object approaching at a fast pace. The main dramatic impetus and emotive context is shown when the main character examines and activates the box. The facial expression is used for this when he examines the box, shows curiosity which helps draw in the audience because they themselves are curious what the character has caught. The triggering of the box is used to create a sense of humor within the narrative of the story by using the Dramatic Impetus with the characters facial expression, when the pie hits his face. The expression is one of surprise and shock and with the remaining bits of the pie falling of his face, can cause a reaction within the target audience to laugh. Again I managed to work my initial intent into this storyboard, I managed to display effective use of both Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context but I failed to fulfill the actual brief for the task set unfortunately with this storyboard because I failed to keep the gift hidden for a bit longer from the eyes of the audience.

Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Design Ideas 1

Here is the first storyboard belonging to the Surprised Man Animation I am developing for this project:


I have drawn this storyboard up, taking it to consideration the actual nature of this part of the course requires me to look at not only the actions of the characters but the colours, the environment, the sounds and the narrative of the story. The narrative of the story is fairy predictable even if it does have an effective influence in the Dramatic Impetus and the emotive context criteria. While the story does start off somewhat basic with the walking of the character, the rest of the animation does show a lot of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context especially with the character crying once he sees what the actual item is when he catches it. This peeks the target audiences attention due to the fact that they beginning to wonder why the main character is crying after he caught the item and if not why has the item he caught caused him to cry. I think I have captured this emotional moment effectively because not only does it draw the audience in but it is very easy to tell that the character is in some sort of emotional pain or turmoil. This emotional narrative is continues further by the character’s actions of throwing away the actual item that he catches and then it hitting the camera, revealing why the character is crying for not see able reason. I think for a first attempt at a dramatic impetus and emotive context this was very successful and is in line with my intention of this project because of this. The only fall back with this is that I aimed to make the animation throw the typical convention out of the window, but I didn’t I used a typical convention, unfortunately, so next storyboard Idea I have, will have to do something unique. What made this let down possible was the catching a burnt photo cliche since that is quite often used in dramatic scenes.


I have chosen this character as the one I will use for the animation, mainly because I think he looks very appealing to the eye and his appearance screams dramatic, which is what I am looking for with my final animated project. I might need to make a few changes to his appearance first though, mainly his hair and I might add a shirt. As you can see I have used the character and corrected him to make him at least a bit more suitable for a public audience and the story line I am planning.