Acting and Audience: Anatomy Work 3

These sketches are attempts at working on my Anatomy with the help of Manga style drawing:

These drawings where draw after I went through a human actions and anatomy guide from an anime app, the reason why I used the anime app is that Anime is one of the best means for human anatomy and humor making it perfect not only for my anatomy work allowing me to get better with my character design but also allowing me to gain a greater understanding of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context in human behavior and nature. As seen with these sketches for example all the drawings of the face and mouth so far all so different human emotions and actions that can influence the events of a story easily such as the cocky grin which can tell you a lot about a characters nature mainly that they look before they leap and are quite reckless. The next drawings are of the human body while all of them are female body, i drew this type of body style for a reason one been that I suck at drawing the female human body and two it displays how a female character might carry her self. I can say that these drawings do indeed show that to a certain degree I can draw human anatomy anime style quite well but it still needs some work.

Acting and Audience: Anatomy Work 2

These sketches are attempts at working on my Anatomy with the help of Manga style drawing:

Again I have drawn Anime style to see if I can capture human anatomy better this way then the traditional way and by the looks of the results I can in some aspects while the others I can’t such as the human face structure but the rest of the face work seems to be coming out all right. Each one seems to be also working quite well with the dramatic impetus and emotive context, so of the expression exersizes that I did seem to scream this sad faces that express the characters emotional states and other how theyinteract with other characters.

Acting and Audience: Anatomy Work 1

These sketches are attempts at working on my Anatomy with the help of Manga style drawing:


Again more anatomy work, this time I experimented with a wide range of shapes with the characters appearances, while the expressions of the characters reveal no much in the Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context department but it still reveals some for the way the characters appear, for example the man wearing armor suggests that he is a well and military trained man that has been in a rough war.

Summer Work 6

Here is final section of my Summer Work:

The Wild WhiplashThe Breeze Blaster

The Slim Spitter

These image were my attempts at working with a different range of anatomy. My first image I admit was the very first attempt, most of the limbs were miss proportioned and the face of the dragon had most of it’s features on the left side, so things like the eyes and snout were more on the left side then the right. From here I knew that I needed to focus on the anatomy of the legs and wings as well as the positioning of the facial features from a certain angle. The next Image shoes some development with the wings and legs as well as the facial expressions but the down side is that the legs are still mis-proportioned and most of the actual drawing is a 2D only so there isn’t much developed with the positioning of the dragon. I then attempted it again and the final version came out looking wonderful, the angle and positioning of the face was perfect and the lings and wings came out well proportioned as well.

Summer Work 5

Here is the next section of my summer work:

Cartoon Faces 1 Cartoon Faces 2 Happy Chappy

Here are some more attempts at Human faces but this time in cartoon style, most of theses ideas were hand drawn by me but my younger cousins gave me a description to draw out because they wanted to see what I could do. As you can see most of the images you can see that I have managed to make my characters look some what realistic, even with the purposely miss-proportioned characteristics, in fact these characteristic are what give the characters their life. The colour image was the chosen version of the characters that my cousins like before i coloured them in, as a surprise for them and name him Happy Chappy.

Summer Work 2

Here is some more of my Summer Work:

Muscles and Figures 1 Muscles and Figures 2 Muscles and Figures 3 Muscles and Figures 4 Muscles and Figures 5 Muscles and Figures 6 Muscles and Figures 7 Muscles and Figures 9 Muscles and Figures 8

Again I am working on Anatomy. This time my main focus was that of the female figure because when ever I attempted to draw it, I would make the female character I draw look awful, so I attempted several figure exercises as you can see above most of them failing for me, when I drew them until I tried to picture the figure styled like Leonardo’s sketch of man kind and wallah the figures came out a lot better.

The hands and arms unfortunately came out a lot better then there predecessors because the figures would come out at either a lot more smaller or bigger or they would be at the wrong angle making it the hand look like ti was awfully deformed. A few of the hands did come out looking a lot better when I drew them with the rest of the arm.

I also attempted a couple of faces both good and bad, which indicates that I do indeed need to improve my work on the faces of my characters as well. The eyes of my characters I can do very well but when I comes to the shape of the head or nose they often come out look awfully mis-proportioned ,s o I need to work on that by constantly drawing the head shapes.

Summer Work 1

Here is some of the work that I have done over the summer holidays:

Random 3 Random 2

These are some of the more random pieces of works, where I drew random things that came into my head. As you can see at first it was more transport based, which I admit needs work most of the vehicles I draw do come out looking quite bulky and squarish but they have started to improve. I need to look at more vehicle variations, so in other words not just real life vehicles but also concept art from various franchises for inspiration. The next part on this random page is me working on my understanding of anatomy, as you can see I have tried to do so by doing various segments of the human body from arms to legs and heads to feet. My work on the feet is somewhat workable but still needs a little work, if anything I can get the angles of the feet correctly but the actual legs and toes I still have a little trouble with.

The hands I have drawn in theses work some what but the fingers need working on proportion whys because they are either too small or too large, so I need to work on that next time I draw hands. The face I have drawn has worked out quite well but next time I need to make the image more 3D because currently the image is only 2D.

Drawing Development: Anatomy Development 5

Here is another group of drawings on Human Anatomy:

Anatomy 25 Anatomy Head 1 Anatomy 31 Anatomy 30 Anatomy 29 Anatomy 28 Anatomy 27 Anatomy 26

As you can see I have started to try and draw out the human head to try and make my anatomy and life drawings appear more well life like and as you can see it hasn’t gone very well as I fold the steps from Dynamic Anatomy I all ways seemed to get this weird shaped skull regardless of how many times i drew out the exercise, I all ways seemed to get similar styled results, eventually they started to slightly change slowly after I kept attempting. So I decided to back track and just try the drawing of the skull and as you can see that exercise worked out fine, I then decided to try one of the exercises were I had to draw a a face that was given to me in the book and as you can see I did a perfect replica which is weird in a sense I can’t draw my self but I can draw another image. But one thing is clear I still need to work on my Human heads in Anatomy.

Drawing Development: Anatomy Development 4

Here are some more attempts at Human Anatomy:

Anatomy 16 Anatomy 17 Anatomy 22 Anatomy 21 Anatomy 20 Anatomy 19 Anatomy 18

This time I attempted to draw myself first as you can see compared to some of my earliest drawings there is some improvement mainly with the nose and the eyes more then anything else although the ears still need work as well as the actual shape of the head due to the fact that my jaw ¬†appears to be a bit to pointy. After I had drawn these images I decided to focus on the ears and mouth because I still couldn’t seem to get them right when I drew them either on their own or on a actual drawing of someone. As you can see I did a lot better then previously.

Drawing Development: Anatomy Development 3

Here is some more attempts at Human Anatomy:

Anatomy 8 Anatomy 15 Anatomy 14 Anatomy 13 Anatomy 12 Anatomy 11 Anatomy 10 Anatomy 9

As you can see that all of the sketches are huge improvements from the last ones from the previous blog. Most of theses images focus on the human nose but as you can see I have tried to develop the human skeleton structure as well, so of theses images are quite well done but a few aren’t exactly the best, all I have to do is keep going and eventually I should be able to draw a human head with no problems what so ever.