Summer Work 2

Here is some more of my Summer Work:

Muscles and Figures 1 Muscles and Figures 2 Muscles and Figures 3 Muscles and Figures 4 Muscles and Figures 5 Muscles and Figures 6 Muscles and Figures 7 Muscles and Figures 9 Muscles and Figures 8

Again I am working on Anatomy. This time my main focus was that of the female figure because when ever I attempted to draw it, I would make the female character I draw look awful, so I attempted several figure exercises as you can see above most of them failing for me, when I drew them until I tried to picture the figure styled like Leonardo’s sketch of man kind and wallah the figures came out a lot better.

The hands and arms unfortunately came out a lot better then there predecessors because the figures would come out at either a lot more smaller or bigger or they would be at the wrong angle making it the hand look like ti was awfully deformed. A few of the hands did come out looking a lot better when I drew them with the rest of the arm.

I also attempted a couple of faces both good and bad, which indicates that I do indeed need to improve my work on the faces of my characters as well. The eyes of my characters I can do very well but when I comes to the shape of the head or nose they often come out look awfully mis-proportioned ,s o I need to work on that by constantly drawing the head shapes.

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