Comic Project

A few months ago I started a comic based project, the projects premise will be kept secret for now. But for now this post is to display the prototype template of possible future covers of comics.


The prototype cover is based on some of the early comic covers from Marvel Comics. While there isn’t much physically on the cover such as an art piece or sketch the main focus was to make usual for more than one comic idea.

Image result for old marvel comics

The two boxes in the top left of the comic are based on the marvel comics logo that was often placed on the comics to show who the publisher is, this is still used today but it depends on the artist and the company. From this I have based my original AMT Animator and re-purposed to be AMT Comics a play on my own name and in honour of the famous comic publisher Marvel. The second box focuses on the date of when the comic was either published or went on sale, I my prototype’s case the day I start working on the comic. The signature in the bottom right of the comic is my own logo to show I was the artist behind it.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V3

Here is the third and final version of the Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation:

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V2

Corrections: According to people the way I have shown the important date with symbols on the timeline are not easy to understand, so I have fixed this by placing the names of all the important events, people, products and inventions that are on the timeline with a decent font that is easy to read and understand. This in turn will allow people to identify which symbols mean which event, person, invention, movie etc.

The link below is to look at all the research and reasons why I chose theses Events, People, Inventions and Movies etc.

The reason I why I chose to present the information I gathered for the History and Role and Scope of Animation in this form of animation is for several reasons. My first reason is that is makes the information placed on the Timeline is to find as well as understandable but this is only due to the fact that it is not only to see but I had to go through several attempts after reviews with a few people that I both knew and didn’t know. Which is were several of the corrections come into such as the Key and shortening the actual timeline at the end because noting that I have seen or looked up so far in this decade I can see as a importance to the History and Role and Scope of Animation. The Second reason why I chose this style to present my information is due to the fact that the combination of the imagery and colours makes the animation noticeable and draws in the attention of the target audience as well as it displays the actual events quite effectively once the correction had been made on this version.

Artists and Presentation: Quentin Blake Comic V2

Here is the third version of the Quentin Blake Comic:

Quentin Blake Comic V3Here is the second version of Quentin Blake Comic, like stated in the post for the predecessor the were a few mistakes within the comic that needed fixing.


Spelling and Grammar – A few words and sentences had to be corrected within the comic such as literature.

Positioning of Words within Speech Bubbles: The sentences that were placed within the Speech Bubbles needed to be shaped and have their sizes changed to fit into the Speech Bubbles.

The Reason why theses corrections had to be made is that with the Spelling and Grammar mistakes and the incorrect placing of the paragraphs within the Speech bubbles made the comic strip look unprofessional as well as making it feel like much effort had been put into the actual information placement on the comic strip. Another reason why theses corrections had to be made is that it was a learning curve for myself due to the fact that if Gareth hadn’t seen what I had done for the comic strip so far and not informed me about what need to be done I would not have been able to make those corrections and learn from the mistakes that made me correct the work. So for Now on when I am designing/creating a comic strip i must make sure that the words with in a speech bubble or any form of communication on a speech bubble fits and matches the shape of the means of communication well.

When Doing Speech Bubbles or some other means of Communication in a comic a appropriate font must be chosen that is readable and understandable as well as suitable for the comic strips style. Speech Bubble Image TecahingNext the font within the Speech Bubble should be set to be in the middle of the text box at the desired size. Next the Speech Bubble or Means of Communication can be edited via text edit again to make it appear like the shape it is in is influencing it see the image on the right. The Scale Transformation on Photoshop or other digital paint/photo editing software can be used to make the text box longer in height and width as well making it fit better into the desired shape.

What Influenced this Comic Strip Idea was Quentin Blake but not just for the information on his career but also his drawing style which I tried to recreate somewhat within the comic strip to show how he has influenced me in some way which he has, in fact he is one of the reason why I decided to go into animation. The recreation of Quentin Blake’s drawing style was successful somewhat but at the same time it was a failure because it allowed me to create my own unique drawing style for this comic, this can be proven with the images below.

Comic Comaparison 1

Quentin Blake Comparison

A you can see the style are somewhat similar but at the same time they are not the influence is clear but it is not a copy of his style completely. The second image is one of Quentin Blake’s recent works that was published for various hospitals across Great Britain and France. As you can see Blake’s drawing Style is focuses on making the character look unique by disregarding certain parts of their natural anatomy while at the same time still presenting some form of it. A perfect example of this is the young woman in the red jumper in the image above she appears to have enough anatomy to imply that she is a women but a majority of the muscles within her body are not there. In the image above Quentin Blake’s my stye displays Blake certain focus on a balance of barley any anatomy which makes the comic feel like it is dedicated to him and his life story and showing off how he has inspired me and this is also implied within m images of slid objects within the comic as well they look somewhat like something Blake would draw but at the same time they show of my style of drawing as well.

The comic idea for the comic was influenced by various comics that I have been reading such as Archie’s Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Universe as well as Marvels The Amazing Spider- Man and X-23. Sonic-the-Hedgehog-issue-182-part-3-archie-sonic-the-hedgehog-18293756-600-900


The reason why theses comics inspired me to to use a Comic Strip as a means of presenting the history of one of the artists that inspired me is because I thought it was a unique way of styling and presenting the information that I collected about Quentin Blake. It was a excellent means of presenting what I considered the most important moments of his life so far, by using each panel to show the selected moments and having a speech bubble to indicate what the image inside the panel meant to the people who couldn’t understand my images in the panels. I think that my comic has done what I planed to do to with Blake’s life history very well and I am glad that theses comics helped me comic up with the idea to do so.

Artist Research and Presentation

Here is the finished version of the Quentin Blake Comic.

Quentin Blake Comic 2

The drawing on the animation may not be the best but they get the point across of why I believe that Quentin Blake is a important and influencing artist and what events tat occurred in his life influenced this and why. The images also have speech bubbles next to them which helps identify what each symbol represent in the moment of Quentin Blake’s life. The reason why I chose to do a comic to represent the important moments of Quentin Blake’s life and why he is an important artist and inspiration is due to the fact that each panel represents a important part of Blake’s life and each of the images within theses panels are different from the other making each panel seem as important as each other. The colours used within the animation also help highlight the importance of each panel and the images within and this in turn also helps draw the attention easily to each panel. The font was chosen because it is easy to read and suits the comic book design perfectly.


Spelling and Grammar – A few words and sentences had to be corrected within the comic such as literature.

Positioning of Words within Speech Bubbles: The sentences that were placed within the Speech Bubbles needed to be shaped and have their sizes changed to fit into the Speech Bubbles.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V2 Final

Here is the finished version of my Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation

Corrections: Length has been shorten due to the fact that the actual Timeline and Role and Scope went up to 2015 but needed to be cut back because of only a few things in this decade been of importance to the history of Animation so far. The Fonts have been enlarge and aligned due to the fact that they were all over the place as well as the font not all been readable so the size needed to be enlarged.

Mistakes: According to people the way I have shown the important date with symbols on the timeline are not easy to understand, so to fix this I am going to place the name of all the important events, people, products and inventions that are on the timeline with a decent font that is easy to read and understand.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V1

Here is the final version of Animation Timeline and Role and Scope:

Animation Timeline

Mistakes: The first attempt of the Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation according to both my self and the people I have shown stated that the Timeline needs to be cut down near the end due to the fact that I haven’t marked any events yet that are considered important to this decade so far so I either need to cut the end off or fill it in. I also need to enlarge and align the font due to the fact that the actual font is too small making it hard for to read and identify the time period. The font needs to be aligned due to the fact that it makes the actual timeline look neater and more professional.

Click Image to see Timeline/Role and Scope of Animation, then zoom in due to it’s size the actual image appears small but it is massive and needs to be zoomed in on to read.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver

Here is a Size chart to help show the height of Ploceidae The Weaver:

Ploceidae The Weaver Height Chart

This took me a while, not the actually drawing though due to the fact that Mobians are various sizes just like humans but a majority of them are half the size of Humans so I had to look at various height charts done both by SEGA/The SONIC Team and fans to come to a suitable height. Look Below for proof.

TTPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver

This section is based on various sketches of either certain parts of Ploceidae doing certain actions such as his fist been clinched, as well as his entire body performing an action such as jumping.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketches 1 Now this image mainly focused on his facial expressions at first but later developed into his actual body movement such as him running as seen on the image or him practicing his Sky Fu which can be seen at the very bottom of this image. Some of theses sketches work really well and help bring out who the character actually is and what his characteristics are, for example the two bottom images used for his Sky Fu display that he is quite skilled and well trained in the art. All though they could use slightly refining due to the fact that one of them does look like his is showing of his muscles but they still came out look decent. The facial expressions also came out quite well because you can see the general emotion that Ploceidae is displaying.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketchs 2

Now this focused more on what Ploceidae does in his free time, such as building things, this image also somewhat focuses on making Ploceidae look like his head isn’t connected to his body without a neck. This can be proven by the various sketches that are scene of him building objects with his spanner. Some of this sketches cam out right the first time, such as the top right sketch which shows Ploceidae standing on top of a box to either build or repair something with his tool box next to him on his right. One of the sketches that needs tweaking ever so slightly is the bottom right one due to the fact that you can see Ploceidae is trying to repair something from underneath but there is no object there, so next time add an object of repair. When I attempted to fix the neck problem with Ploceidae i tried using either the side of his Aviator goggle to hide the joint or his arms, theses worked ever so slightly but couldn’t cover it completely so this left me at a blank for a while, so I looked at Ploceidae at different angles, which some of the sketches are.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketchs 3  This image was focused on his joints actions and again the neck problem. First though I drew an image of Ploceidae doing another one of his hobbies which is Extreme Gear Riding. This sketches came out perfectly it shows of part of Ploceidae Personality and his animal nature which is that of a bird and to be free. The arms and shoe sketches where drawn in attempt to help me understand how they would work when he was using them either in a fight against Eggman or Swarm or just running. The shoe sketches cam out quite well though due to the fact that I managed to display what actually happened to the show during it been used for running or walking. The neck problem has been solved no in these sketches by making the edge of his top of his jacked taller it covers the joint between Ploceidae’s head and body, I got this Idea from looking at various images of Mobians as well as talking to one of my fellow students Bethany Morley about this problem.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver 3D Character Sheet

Here is 3D Character Sheet for Ploceidae The Weaver.

Scan 9

This 3D Character Sheet for Ploceidae is Designed to show Ploceidae of at three different angles as well as showing of several different facial expressions that he can perform with his face. There are several changes that have been made to him since the 2D Character sheet such as his beak covering the entire half of his face instead of just a small parts and that his beak and eyes stick out more on the sides making him look more 3D. There are several facial expression there for Ploceidae, Basic (His Design Face/Emotionless), Tired, Shocked, Sad, Goggles (The face that he uses when wearing his goggles), Happy and Angry. I am quite happy with this final design 3D Character Sheet because I believe that Ploceidae has come out quite well and shows all the characteristic of not only the Weaver Bird but also the personality I set him. He is also appealing to the eye and is certainly not of putting to the eye.

TPPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver Colour Scheme

The Image below shows all the different colour schemes I considered for Ploceidae the Weaver. The where several different colour schemes for Ploceidae that I could have used and I did reference half of them with the actual colours of that of the Weaver Bird. The first colour scheme was based on a green weaver bird and a standard mobian shoe colour scheme, this came out looking nice but the shade of green looked very similar to  the colour that a wide range of bird mobian use. The second design was focused on the more tropical versions of the Weaver bird, which is applied for the rest of the colour schemes, I like how his feather came out in orange it sort of suited Ploceidae personality and again I used the standard mobian shoe colour scheme with a slight twist. I went through several colour schemes hoping to see which one would match the final design and eventually I have found one.

Ploceidae The Weaver Colour Scheme