TTPA Appeal: Ploceidae The Weaver

This section is based on various sketches of either certain parts of Ploceidae doing certain actions such as his fist been clinched, as well as his entire body performing an action such as jumping.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketches 1 Now this image mainly focused on his facial expressions at first but later developed into his actual body movement such as him running as seen on the image or him practicing his Sky Fu which can be seen at the very bottom of this image. Some of theses sketches work really well and help bring out who the character actually is and what his characteristics are, for example the two bottom images used for his Sky Fu display that he is quite skilled and well trained in the art. All though they could use slightly refining due to the fact that one of them does look like his is showing of his muscles but they still came out look decent. The facial expressions also came out quite well because you can see the general emotion that Ploceidae is displaying.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketchs 2

Now this focused more on what Ploceidae does in his free time, such as building things, this image also somewhat focuses on making Ploceidae look like his head isn’t connected to his body without a neck. This can be proven by the various sketches that are scene of him building objects with his spanner. Some of this sketches cam out right the first time, such as the top right sketch which shows Ploceidae standing on top of a box to either build or repair something with his tool box next to him on his right. One of the sketches that needs tweaking ever so slightly is the bottom right one due to the fact that you can see Ploceidae is trying to repair something from underneath but there is no object there, so next time add an object of repair. When I attempted to fix the neck problem with Ploceidae i tried using either the side of his Aviator goggle to hide the joint or his arms, theses worked ever so slightly but couldn’t cover it completely so this left me at a blank for a while, so I looked at Ploceidae at different angles, which some of the sketches are.

Ploceidae The Weaver Sketchs 3  This image was focused on his joints actions and again the neck problem. First though I drew an image of Ploceidae doing another one of his hobbies which is Extreme Gear Riding. This sketches came out perfectly it shows of part of Ploceidae Personality and his animal nature which is that of a bird and to be free. The arms and shoe sketches where drawn in attempt to help me understand how they would work when he was using them either in a fight against Eggman or Swarm or just running. The shoe sketches cam out quite well though due to the fact that I managed to display what actually happened to the show during it been used for running or walking. The neck problem has been solved no in these sketches by making the edge of his top of his jacked taller it covers the joint between Ploceidae’s head and body, I got this Idea from looking at various images of Mobians as well as talking to one of my fellow students Bethany Morley about this problem.

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