Professional Practice: Logo use

This post is to explain how I have used the Logo that I created:


This logo has not only been used for my business card but I have used to various parts of my digital footprint that I have set up for my carrera in the animation industry. This is to link all of them together as well as help people recognise that the site belongs to the same artist and that this logo is essentially the branding of said artist. I am using this logo as my form of branding.

Professional Practice: Twitter

I have created a twitter account:

Asset 1-100

The account was created as a means of not only making it easier for a client to get in contact with me but also to help cement my self further into the animation and arts industry. This make it a lot easier for people to find me but also to find my work as the twitter account is linked to my blog to show my work development but if that doesn’t work out I will link my work to another one of my sites such as my portfolio which displays most of my finished work in the recent years.


Professional Practice: Portfolio 1

This post is to demo straight my development of my portfolio for my professional practice:

Asset 2-100

For my portfolio I am using the Adobe Portfolio to put it together. I started the process by uploading the projects that I have created this year, Bubble and Squeak and Famous Women of Hull. These uploads were divided into two project category’s each for my projects that I have created this year. Unfortunately due to Famous Women of Hull been an interactive Flash file that utilises Action Script 3, I am unable to upload this onto my portfolio because of Flash not been supported by many softwares anymore, so I have placed my silent recording of the animation onto my portfolio to display that I can create an interactive animation. The Portfolio was also given several pages that will eventually act as links to websites that are useful for this path I am going down such as Twitter, Deviantart, my blog etc.

Asset 3-100

The image above to to show what I have put together so far for my famous women of Hull Project in my portfolio. I have also added a link to this blog that is related to that project, so that if I have a potential client that is interested in this project, they can have a closer look at how I work and what I produce during the main stages of  a project. I have uploaded the chapter still that I created for this animation with several of my prototypes to also help display how they affected the animation.

Asset 4-100

The Bubble and Squeak page in my portfolio has the complete version of Bubble and Squeak but it doesn’t have all of my recordings that I did to create the final project due to them been lots of different recording that aren’t necessary to be placed in my Portfolio.

Professional Practice: Business card Final

This post is to show my new Business cards:

Business Card Final S1

Business Card Final S2

I got the idea for these business cards after seeing the old fashion films from movies and camera’s and since animation uses a very similar process involving frames I thought it would be a cool idea for a business card.

Business 3

This is what one of my original prototypes looks like for my business card, I used the image of a film still next to it to try and help me create an accurate replicate example of it in my business. The reason I chose this sort of idea for my Business card is that my tutor pointed out that my original concept and logo was not very clear and that I need to add more details to explain what the name Amtanimator actually meant. So it was decided that an idea like this would be better suited for this project. The final concept is not only a good idea to show that I am an animator but it also displays my previous projects that I have done this year and to also show that I have some experience in that sort of animation. The card is also easy to read and understand meaning my contact details are easy to understand as well.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak high five sequence

This post and recording with the line reader was to extended the celebration of Bubble and Squeak for finally turning of the tap:

This scene was created specifically to make the Target audience feel the success and happiness the the two characters are feeling when they finally turn of the tap and solve they water problem. When shown to my target audience they agreed that it was a cool little animated scene that makes you feel so happy for the characters and also make them feel much more relatable.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Bubble and Squeak Close up 2

This next post is the corrected version of the Close up experiment for Squeak:

What this means is that I have found a way to make Squeak look more life like than the previous attempt. I have again included eye motions such as blinking and closing his eyes when he is thinking. This way done not only to lengthen this scene but to also add a bit more depth and character development to Squeak in the process, what I mean is that this single scene helps show that out of the pair Bubble and Squeak, Squeak is the thinker out of the two and is the ones that come up with the plans and ideas that the two often end up using. Another added to the features to help bring Squeaks to life is his whiskers, which while on most of my puppets of him do have them, they are made as part of the puppets and are not movable. Which is what helped make this puppet a lot more realistic than before due to the fact that the whiskers were made out of string and stuck to the head piece of Squeak allowing me to manipulate them and move them any way I desired. This not only allowed me to add more movement to my animation but it also allowed me to utilize the mouse videos I found earlier on in the academic year to make the movement of the whiskers more realistic.

This video was used to help me recreate the mouse movement and twitching of the nose of Squeak. I found it a great help and made it a lot easier for me to picture how a mouse interacts successfully with not only it’s environment but also how it acts in general. So all in all I admit that using this video as a inspiration and guide line helped me make this secondary close up experiment for Squeak a success.

Professional Practice: Business card 1

Here is one of my early concepts for my business card:

Amt business

The design for the card is basic making it easy for my potential clients and employers to easily find a way to contact me. The downfall of this though is that it isn’t very inventive and the logo like I mentioned previously is hard to read, so I might have to come up with a different idea now. Maybe use images of animations to make it a bit more appealing to the eye.

Professional Practice: Logo Ideas 4

This is the final version of the idea that I have developed:

Amtanimator Logo

I chose this as one of my potential final logo designs because it gives the feel of what I actual do in the sense is that I help bring things to life but like all artists it has my own unique flare to it in the process. (Although it has been pointed out to me that it is hard to read and not every one understands what Amtanimator stands for, so I might have to go back to the drawing board for this one.)