Narrative Bus Stop: Final Design

Here is the corrected final design:

Bus Stop Final Design Attempt 2This is corrected version of the Radiation Runners Bus Stop and I have tried my best to show the narrative of the world that this image originates from. The image shows the narrative clearly and effectively to the target audience. The perspective of the images is quite accurate as well and this helps present all the objects within the narrative and image effectively. The colours used for the image as well help bring out the best of the narrative by high lighting what materials some of the objects are made out of as well as what the power source of the transport is.

Narrative Bus Stop: Extra Ideas

This post is to show some of the corrections I have for the original design ideas.

Radiation Runners final idea 1

This design idea for the final design was focusing on the people and where they wait more then the actual means of transportation. The idea was just a rough sketch but displays a general ideal of the narrative involved. The perspective is slightly of but not by much but works some what with this narrative.

Scan 12

This next image is another idea for the waiting area, basically the idea focuses on the general seating and then the mode of transport in the fist part of the image but then in the second section it focuses on what was mentioned earlier but also includes vending machines and a decontamination facility that allows the users to be decontaminated from the excess radiation and harmful toxins from before and after the use of the device. The perspective of the rough sketches is decent and allows the drawings to appears realistic even though it is only in 2D.

Scan 14

These next drawings are to show what the characters look like that interact with the area and how they affect the narrative. In this case to help reveal what the actual narrative is. Mainly what the world is that the character is located within and why they are using this type of transportation. In this case the world is destroyed by the over use of radiation based resources and now the way to survive to wear radiation absorbing Scan 13masks. The design of the characters is interesting due to the fact that they have a unique design to them that is appeal to the eye and isn’t over exaggerating the design of both the character and bus stop.

Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Final Design Colour Variations

Here is the final design colour scheme development for the Radiation Travel.


This is the original final design which I am using just for a reference while, I develop the colour scheme for this project. The colours i thinking of using is green which is standard for radiation, blues, silver, metallic grey and  yellow. Theses colours are useful for this project due to the fact that they are often either associated with radiation or danger and are also welcoming and warm colours.


This is my first colour scheme idea, I considered having the glass green due to it been near where the radiation beam is stored so the colour would leek out some what. The grey was used to reassemble all the metal components within the machinery and to highlight how important the machinery actually is. The red is show to mind the step that the machine is connected to. The blue was chosen because it is calming which helps keep the target audience/user calm before they are converted into radiation for the travel. Theses colours together are both appealing and relaxing to the target audience as I have shown the designs to them.


This image is using the same colours as stated at the top of this post except the green is used to create a cloud of escaped radiation that isn’t very useful or harmful to the users and technicians. The red is used for the waiting chairs, the red is mainly used for a warm welcoming. The grey/metal is used to identify what is metalic and what the actual mode of transportation is. The yellow is used as a warning to mind the step and the blue is used as a representation of the glass. This is considered the most appealing by the people I have shown the design to because it uses a wide range of colours and shows what Radiation runners is about.

Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Development Idea Part 4

This is final design development, This is probably one of the worst idea I came up with for this project and didn’t receive much of a appeal for it’s design is fairly boring and that it is plain as well, In fact some people commented that the shaft above the chair looks more like a kitchen vent. That is technically the point of the shaft it is to in hail the radiation vapor or wave length after the ray has hit the user to transfer them to their desired location where the will be recreated so they can move on to where they want to go.


Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Development Idea Part 3

Here is the next design idea, is based more on the first developed design idea but instead of having one radiation tube there is several allowing more than one person to be sent to another location, this is quite handy for several different reasons e.g. traveling with a family, delivering several products to a camp or settlement in a explored section of the world. This was appealing because it allows several people to travel as well as reducing the waiting line for more then one person to travel as well as reducing risk of radiation mixing.


Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Development Idea Part 2

Here is the next developed design idea for radiation travel. This time I have made a big development within the design by making the actual device that turns people into the different variations of radiation in a very long pipe that is laid down on the floor and is connected to lots o pipes that carry the radiation wave lengths to different locations, mainly where the user wants to go. Personally this does offer some appeal and others have agreed with me but some haven’t stating that it looks unwelcoming and a little bit frightening. Yes it my look like that but it does still look futuristic and performs it’s main function.


Creative Futures: Narrative Bus Stop Development Idea Part 1

The idea I chose to develop was the radiation travel because this is one of the most unique ideas and is quite interesting and draws you in because of this.  As you can see the development of IMG_20150220_0009the original radiation traveler has happened by changing the actual tube and making it look more tube like and removed the beam component, this was due to the fact that some of the people I showed of the original design said it was cool but it look like a pair of split trousers so I looked into developed into look making it more tubed like. This idea is somewhat appealing because it shows the radiation travel is possible with this technology and their are lots of different locations this design idea can travel to various locations very quickly.