Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Google Web Designer 1

This post will focus on my study these videos about how to use Google Web Design and then how I managed to recreate the result:

I followed the steps of this video allowing me on Google Web Design to create a digital banner. The banner was formed by me using several different drawing tool such as the shape tool and the pen tool. Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload my banner beginners test at the moment.

Narrative: Library Final Design

Here is the final design for the Library Narrative:

Library Final 2

The reason why I chose this idea to take to the final stage was because it was an interesting idea that numerous people liked and when I started to make the final version everything seemed to click together really well. The narrative for the story is that this library used to stored various amounts of information each self stored information that varied from ancient or mystic and because of this the library was raided and heavily damaged as well as almost all of the stored information within the library was stolen leaving the ancient ruins that can be seen today. I used Photoshop and Google Sketchup to create this image. I used Sketchup to create a majority of the 3D solid objects and then used Photoshop to add colour ans shading to the 3D objects within the image.

Compared to this concept art piece produced by Stephanie Dominguez, my own concept art piece on the Narrative Library has been some what successful due to the fact that the imagery does indicate very well what the story is within it’s self and you can tell just by looking at it. The image also gives that like Stephanie Dominguez concept piece that the location been seen is indeed a library and this is what I was aiming for. The only difference between my concept piece and that of Stephanie Dominguez is that mine has no characters in and there are a lot less books or items in it as well as a few damaged bookshelves but this is to do with the narrative that I have chosen for my final concept piece.

Narrative: Library Development Ideas

Here is Developed Idea’s for the Library Narrative:

Library 3

This image is a developed sketch of the Combination library that I did for my first library narrative design idea. The development that I have made for this animation is that of adding different shape book cases and made the holographic projector slightly bigger making ti easier to see the image that it is projecting and I also changed the image projected which is the Solar System. The reason why I mad those corrections is that I though that it might add variation and make it easier to understand what the holographic projector did as well as how it worked.

Library 7

The next image is that of again the previous one but more developed. This is more developed by the expanding the area surrounding the original image. The addition in this image is that there are more bookcases that have variations in design such as curved and cross ones. Another addition to this is that I have placed more holographic projectors around the library. The floors have also been adjusted to show where all the digital data is been stored for the holographic projectors. This was one of the favorite designs according to various people that I have shown.

Library 8This image is focusing more on the futuristic narrative that I created for one of the previous design. I have done this by including the Data pillars from one of my previous Designs and have added futuristic security doors to the book cases to make it seem like the books stored within the book cases are very important and that is why they have security locks on them because they are either the last of their kind or there is only one copy of of them.

Library 6

The final development idea this is again goes back to the concept of an abandoned library except this time the roster of what is kept here is slightly bigger now it contains Magical artifacts as well as books, ancient tablets and scrolls. This is also the reason for it’s raiding and I have tried to show this with the various broken book shelves and the damaged books and artifacts as well as the ones on the floor and the water spread out across it as well. I have also tried to give the library an ancient feel by making a majority of the items within the image old or at least the actual structure’s age.

Narrative: Library Design Ideas

Here are the design ideas for the Library Narrative:

Library 1

The first image is library that is set in the near future were the recent reveal of Holographic Technology has happened and it is located within almost everything but the the use of old fashion books is still happening. I chose to base my Library around this narrative due to the fact that I fought I t would be interesting to see the affect of having traditional books mixing with futuristic technology and surprisingly it seemed to work quite well together and presents the purpose of the library perfectly.

Library 2

The next Image is looking further into a more futuristic setting and how that influences the library’s narrative. As you can see this library has no books instead the information is stored within the digital data that stored within the huge pillars that are within the sketch. This data can only be accessed via computers that are located around the various points across the library. This idea was one of the most liked so far by myself and various others due to the fact that it looked at a modern but also futuristic type of library that could store a lot more information then believable.

Library 4Th next image is that of a abandoned library that has been destroyed during an attack or from lack of care, this can be seen by the various damaged books and books cases as well as the broken staircase and upper floor. I chose this as my next design due to the fact that I it seemed like a interesting way to present a means of storing data, in a sense that it must have had some sort of important information stored there at some point and this is clear due to the point that most of the books are gone.

Library 5The next image is that again of the abandoned library but this time it not only books that are stored their but ancient tablets and scrolls. The Libraries narrative is supposed to give of a sense that it was raided for these various items that are stored within it and that is why the library is in the state that it is . I like this idea out of all my designs so far and it shows the most promise for the final design.

Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Final Design

Here is the final version of the Their Pride and Joy Narrative Task.

Their Pride and Joy

Now this piece is a combination of the CAD Software and Photoshop Software. I chose this as my final design piece due to the fact that I believed the Future Cycle had the most promise out of all the designs I have created so far for this Narrative. Basically like I stated before during the development stage of the work, this piece is set in the modern future were the technology of land based transportation has advanced greatly. The vehicle within the concept art is called the future cycle a motor cycle/scooter hybrid that is designed to get people to and from a location extremely fast and thanks to it size and aerodynamic shape the Future Cycle is able to travel through traffic within cities and motorways like nothing and nothing can beat it on the open road. The Narrative of the concept piece is fairly clear the Future cycle is broken and is understandable, so you can tell that repair by the own but they have left the room to make a cup of tea, while the persons pet guinea pig sleeps on the seat in it’s hamster ball of the Future Cycle. This piece was the favorite of several people I showed as well as one of my favorites and uses a good combination of CAD and Photoshop, as well as been an saw because of the two unique styles been combine as well as the large range of objects within the image.

I think that the this piece came out very well due to the numerous inspirations I used within this project such as Paul Christopher who is an excellent futuristic vehicle and city concept artist. A perfect example of what gave me the idea for the Future Cycle was this piece:

 One of his concept pieces for future bicycle designs, I found this to be one of his most inspiring pieces due to the fact that even though several of his art pieces inspired my early designs this one influenced the Future Cycle the most due to the fact that it takes into account of the of how the futuristic design would affect the actual ability of the bike aerodynamically as well as how it will affect the rider in the process. when I looked at the piece it gave me the final piece to the puzzle I had been looking for and I created the future cycle form this concept piece.

Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Development

Here are the developed Ideas for My Pride and Joy Project:

Their Pride and Joy Development 1

Now the first Idea I developed was my first water based mode of transportation a standard row boat. Now I chose this idea due to the fact that i can be used most effectively within a story narrative which out causing anyone to lose the plot while telling the story. The narrative I chose to go with this image a pirate based on. So the mode of transport is located on that of a abandoned island, the owner of the boat apparently is a pirate and has recently escaped a battle because of all the stray bits of boat that are located on the beach and the treasure chest and pirate hat that are located on the beach. Now when i first drew up this idea it was somewhat appealing but unfortunately the actual mode  of the actual mode of transport was very basic and had no means of creativity within it which made the idea feel still a good way to go but an easy way out. Now I chose this design originally due to the fact that the row boat would have been an excellent means of explaining why the pirate was stranded on the island. Another reason why I chose this design was because it is a effective means of transportation and is not easy to sink if they are built and used correctly. The final reason why this design was chosen is that due to the narrative used this idea was some what of an appealing choice for the narrative due to the fact that it matched the time period but at the same time it’s basic design that can be easily seen and doesn’t cause an eye saw to others. The boat also has a parrot siting on the helm of it.

Their Pride and Joy Development 2

The next design that was been developed is that of the futuristic boat design that I created when by combining the different idea together. The boat was designed to be a advancement in Boating technology that is why it is clamped above the water due tot he fact that it is still been tested by the creators and they haven’t had a very good test so far which is why several life jacket are on the floor because of all the captains of the ship quitting because the project kept going wrong. All the tools are thrown over the floor due to the constant checks, repairs and adjustments that have been made to the boat. The animal on the boat is that of a dog because the head scientist has a thing for dogs. The reason why I chose this design is because it was quite interesting and could have a very good story line to it, another reason why I decided to use this design is that several of class mates stated that this was my beats water based vehicle created so far.

Their Pride and Joy Development 3 This development idea was taken from the hybrid speeder and water ski, the reason why was that I thought it would be a good idea to develop and see how it came out at the end. Unfortunately the idea seemed promising at first but it later turned out that it felt so unappealing to everyone that looked at it. The story was that the hybrid vehicle due to constant use and bad driving via the own, it has to keep getting repaired which is why the vehicle is on a ramps with lots of look a like parts spread out across the room because it has been taken apart and repaired several times. The animal waiting is a giant snake.

Their Pride and Joy Development 4

The next development idea is that of the hybrid Go kart that has a old fashion appearance and a modern engine that makes it go very fast compared to the newer models. Although within this story a dad is building it for his youngest child for their birthday as a surprise, unfortunately the youngest visited the dad while they were working on it with their pet gold fish so the surprise was ruined and the reason why lost of parts are abandoned across the garage. This design idea is one of the most appealing ideas due to the fact that it use a idea that isn’t just based of a random vehicle in fact that entire shape and design was my own the only influence was the actual sport of Go Karting.

Their Pride and Joy Development 5

Now this sin’t one of my beats idea’s in fact once I developed the design from the original the idea came out looking terrible and not how I wanted it at all. So I came up with a narrative that could help make this piece of concept art seem less like a mistake. What I did was add lots of objects that showed that a family was going away on holiday with their pet dog and the reason why that everything is flung all over the place is because something has happened and this has thrown their entire plan out of the window. So they have gone to solve the problem while leaving everything all over the place and the dog hanging out of the window of the car.

Their Pride and Joy Development 6

Now this is my favorite Idea as well as several others and I am planning on moving this idea into the final design. Basically this is what happens the future of land based transportation is hear every one alive has one form of it. The current owner of this house owns a future cycle the latest model and is planning to go out for a drive but the cycle has a problem so the Owner has tried to repair it and is doing quite well until they leave to make a cup of tea leaving both their pet guinea pig and the cycle alone. The idea is very appealing due ti the fact that the actual vehicles has a very unique appearance that draws in the attention of the target audience, the environment draws the attention in as well due to the fact of all the materials and tools left across the room that were used to repair the vehicle.

Their Pride and Joy Development 7The next image is that of A broken down fighter jet that is been built for a private collector in the future that is a enthuses of old Planes. I like this idea when I first drew it up but eventually I started to think that I wasn’t exactly the best idea for this project.

Their Pride and Joy Development 8The next image is of my Carrier ship which is designed to carry no only supplies but also people to and from rescue missions that is why their are lots of crates within this design idea the animal involved with this is a cat. This idea was liked by various people due to the fact that like some of my previous design idea’s the feel of the piece is that of futuristic which is what I was aiming for .