Beverley Georgian Festival

Beverley celebrated the succession of George the First and the 300 anniversary of the Market Cross for a whole week from September 13th to September 21st. Beverley did this by reenacting certain events such as the Georgian British Army coronation salute or wearing Georgian clothing and dancing.

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The town also celebrated this by selling the town famous Yorkshire bun which has been around since Georgian times and this was given to the audience as free samples along with a traditional Georgian cake that was cut into a thousand pieces by the mayor of the town. Old Georgian buildings where also open to public to see how the Georgian lived within the town during that era. The old Ideas and styles that were used during the Georgian period have been successfully recaptured by this town event and some of these various ideas and styles have given ideas that I may use in the future for my animation course.

Animation Ideas

After my visits to various museums and art gallery’s across the UK I have started to gather a few ideas for some animations that I might develop later on this year. For Example one of the idea I had, thanks to a few of the bombs displayed in the Imperial War Museum is a comedy involving a bomb been dropped on a important but made up location just for the animation.


This building gave me the idea for the type of location that could be used for the animation. Next the Bomb would crash through the roof and all the floors till it reaches the bottom floor and start to count down. This would then lead to all the people within the building to panic and run around like headless chicken and do silly or stupid stuff such as smashing random objects into other random objects. The way the people would interact with the environment would depend because each of the characters are different and in order for the animation to have a sense of uniqueness, so in order to do this i used what I saw in the way everyday people move and how this is unique.


This is an example of what the bomb would look like in the animation, after the people find out that this bomb is a dud they all release an anime style sigh of relief and they suddenly start to celebrate that the bomb is a dud. The image then starts to recede from the building then going to a black screen saying fin and then a boom is heard and the building reappears in pieces with loads of people coughing smoking. This ending helps increase the humor of the animation and also a moment of suspense due to the fact that the ending scene makes the audience think that they people are injured or hurt but then makes them laugh to see the state of all people inside the building makes them look ridiculous.

My other idea involves a robber, the police and a inflatable ring as a get away vehicle. I hope that this create a moment of comedy and shows how ridiculous every day events can become in the spur of the moment.

Hull Ferens Art Gallery and Princes Quay Pop Gallery

I Visited both the Hull Ferens Art Gallery and Princes Quay Pop Gallery on Tuesday 16th September. Some of the art pieces there where very good and gave me various ideas and inspiration for my work. One of my least favorite pieces there at the exhibit was Thomas Ruff’s Photograph Portrait called Portrait V.Levchenga 2000. This is due to the fact that it looks plain and boring when you first look at the images that what it appears to be. But if you allow your self to get a better look at the photograph you get a clear view of character and it does seem like there is much to take from it. Due to this fact, it has inspired me to show more expressions and characteristics within my work. This inspiration can be seen when you look closely at Portrait V.Levchenga 2000 closely because when you look up close it helps show the images characteristics and allows a wide range of expressions to seen on the image. One of my favorite pieces was by Charles Condar who produced landscapes for illustrated Sydney News and worked along side French Mural Painter Puvis De Chavannes (1824 – 1898). The piece that I like is called Our Flag at Algeciris, which Condar painted on his last trip aboard in 1905. I liked it because the way the characters are positioned gives the painting life and creates a sense of reality e.g. the shadow of the little girl gives a feel of the position of the sun. These two portraits have given me various ideas that I can and will use later on through out my Animation course to improve and make my work appear more life like and realistic.



I visited Manchester to gain ideas and inspiration for Animation course this year, we visited the outskirts of Manchester where this part of the city is know as MediaCityUK due to the fact that it has various attractions such as museums and Gallery’s that to do with media. The buildings in this images are the BBC and ITV Studios, seeing the actual studios of two of Britain’s biggest television media providers gave me various ideas that I could use later on within my animations and sketches. Near to the studios is the Imperial War Museum Which I also visited, we visited the museum to see all the exhibits to see if they could give us any ideas for our work in the future, such as the clothing used by soldiers from the hundred years or the actual shapes and spaces within the museum.


This is one of the examples of an exhibit that is located within the Imperial War Museum, A deactivated Nuclear Bomb, which has given me a few ideas for a comedy animation that involves a dud bomb and lots of people not realizing what has happening to it, creating a moment of humor and doing the opposite of what the bomb is designed to do which is create fear and cause death. We also looked around parts of Manchester to get a idea of how we use the architecture of the buildings in the future or to get a look at the movement of the people who where moving around the city. We did this to give us as in the animators an idea of how each character either they be in reality or a mad up reality all move in their own unique way to create a sense of individuality. For Example I notice a man that walked quite fast by taking quite big steps and in the process but in the process would be swingeing his arms a lot.