Hull Ferens Art Gallery and Princes Quay Pop Gallery

I Visited both the Hull Ferens Art Gallery and Princes Quay Pop Gallery on Tuesday 16th September. Some of the art pieces there where very good and gave me various ideas and inspiration for my work. One of my least favorite pieces there at the exhibit was Thomas Ruff’s Photograph Portrait called Portrait V.Levchenga 2000. This is due to the fact that it looks plain and boring when you first look at the images that what it appears to be. But if you allow your self to get a better look at the photograph you get a clear view of character and it does seem like there is much to take from it. Due to this fact, it has inspired me to show more expressions and characteristics within my work. This inspiration can be seen when you look closely at Portrait V.Levchenga 2000 closely because when you look up close it helps show the images characteristics and allows a wide range of expressions to seen on the image. One of my favorite pieces was by Charles Condar who produced landscapes for illustrated Sydney News and worked along side French Mural Painter Puvis De Chavannes (1824 – 1898). The piece that I like is called Our Flag at Algeciris, which Condar painted on his last trip aboard in 1905. I liked it because the way the characters are positioned gives the painting life and creates a sense of reality e.g. the shadow of the little girl gives a feel of the position of the sun. These two portraits have given me various ideas that I can and will use later on through out my Animation course to improve and make my work appear more life like and realistic.

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