Creative Context: Finished Project for Client

Here is the modified version of Bubble and Squeak for my client project:

As you can see I extended it’s left like I stated I would in the previous post when I was talking about modifying the animation so that it was more suitable for the target audience and for when it was going to be publicly displayed. I added the credits to give credit to those who provided  the sounds of the animation and those that animated the short film. I have also added an introduction to the animation, so that the target audience now know what the name of the characters are as well as title of the short film. The sounds all successfully work as well provided the motion to film as well as the actions of the characters.

From some of the animated films that I gathered, I created Bubble and Squeak to be a non vocal animation that utilizes simple sounds and the motions of the characters to tell the story of animation. This surprisingly worked and the story is actually easy to understand and follow. The sounds aren’t too annoying or irritating and fit in quite loud, although a few of the chosen sounds where a bit too loud.

Creative Context: Client Response

I eventually got a response back from Dr Mulcahy-Parker stating:

Dear Luke
We currently have no means of showing film in the gallery, however, we plan to remedy this as part of our preparations for an exhibition in 2017.  
Best wishes
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a place for my work to be displayed to the public due to the next exhibit at the Library/Treasure House/Art Gallery wasn’t until 2017 most likely because of the City of Culture happening in Hull next year and Beverley is most likely preparing for it’s self since both Hull and Beverley are right next to each other.
What I have learned from this experience is that it is possible for your work to be displayed in the public but what you need to do is to have the confidence to ask a client. If you don’t have the confidence in your work or yourself you won’t be able gain a client who will provide you with work or the ability to display their work in the future. So from now on after this experience I will try to be more confident when I approach or am approach by people who could be a potential client. There may be a possibility next year to get my work displayed to the public for the Beverley Art Gallery so I might look into that.

Creative Context: Finding a Suitable Client

Now I need to find a suitable client, so that I can discuss the possibility for my work to be presented to the public.

The suitable location I chosen to present my work to the public is:

Beverley Art Gallery/Treasure House/Library:

While this location is a combination of historical, art and literature it still is an excellent choice for presenting my animated project to the Public. I have chosen this because the library has a large section that is dedicated to Children, so due to the fact that my project is an animation that focus on a audience of a young age this is the best possible choice for this.

So I visited the Library to see if I could get my work displayed their in the child section, I was unfortunately told that I would have to ask a member of staff who worked in the Art Gallery and Treasure House to see if I could have my work displayed in the library. Once I spoke with the member of staff who I was refereed to apparently she couldn’t help me but I could possibly get the work displayed if I talked with the Curator of the Museum, Dr Gerardine Mulcahy-Parker .

Unfortunately she wasn’t in and I was told that the only possible way to get in contact with her was to email her, so I was given the email address to get in contact with Dr Mulcahy-Parker. So later I wrote up an email questioning if I could display my work in the public within the library.

Creative Context: Client and Location Research

I am starting to look into Locations and Clients that I could possibly use to present my work to the public with. I have previously given a example which can be used here again as one of the actual ideas I have considered using for this part of my project, the example that I previously used was Beverley Library.

Beverley Library/Treasure House/Art Galley:


The reason why it has several different names is because it contain not only a Library but also a historical archive and a art gallery. The reason why I am considering this as a location for my finished projects presentation is because it gets a large amount of tourist visiting it for all three of it’s main features especially since these are constantly kept up to date so the work is all ways fresh and new. Also because of the city of culture coming up in hull the chances of the population of tourists visiting Beverley will increase because it is a town outside of hull so that will also draw in their attention. Another reason why I considered using this location is that it also gets a lot of the age group my animated project is aiming for visiting it either for school work such as visiting the historical exhibits for there history work  or just coming for the social events that are occasionally held. The social events held at this location as well will also be an effective means to see my work been displayed to the public for my client work.

Their are few problems that I might get here if I do attempt to find a client willing to display my work to the public here. For example since the building is a council run, one they may not accept work from students or random people unless they have evidence for it i.e. a history of displaying work etc. Although this may not be as hard as a thought since they do display a vast amount of art exhibits at this museum/library. This might be one of the better options here.

Another location I considered was Beverley Minster Primary School:

Beverley Minster Primary School:

Ofsted Celebrations For Beverley Minster CE School

I chose this as one of my possible choices because I know some of the teacher here since I once was a student here my self. It might be possible for me to get my work displayed here due to the fact that since I know the teachers there, one of them might be willing to be my client and allow me to display my animation in the school library, maybe on the computer as a screen saver since my project aims around this age group. I am concerned that since I haven’t been at this school in a while that they while it might be very tricky to see a member of staff or even get my work displayed to the public or at least the students  especially since the regulations now to visit have become a lot more strict for several obvious reasons.

My concern was proven correct when I attempted to gather my research for another animation I was working, I had to fill out several different forms of paper work that would take months to circulate through the school education system and I would have been too much hassle just to try and get my work displayed here especially since it took a while just to visit some of the teachers and students for date for another animation.

Beverley Guild Hall:

I chose this location because it is Beverley secondary Museum, so it was bound to get a lot of attention from the public in the area as well as tourists. This museum was also a interesting choice because it is a former courthouse that was used for a long time in Beverley to deal with most of it’s crimes, it was later decommissioned and reformed into a museum where more historical artifacts are kept. It also has several computer monitors around the facility which could have been easily altered to display my work to the public if I could get a client there.

Unfortunately like the library it is a council run building so I would need to find someone high up within the system who would may be able to give me the time for me to propose my idea to them and them may be to become my client. So the chances for me able to get my work displayed here where also very slim especially since this facility didn’t really display art pieces mainly historical artifacts, although there where a few historical paintings such as courthouse in use.

Beverley Grammar School – Learning Support:

I chose this location for displaying my work for several reasons. One of the main reasons why was that I have worked with several of the members that work in Beverley Grammar School’s Learning Support so that will make it easier for me to get my animated project: Bubble and Squeak in this department either as a screensaver or have it projected onto a nearby display board since they use projector technology there. Another reason why I chose this location was because the learning support gets a lot of people within my animations age group designation, so I will be able to get my animation shown to people easily since people are always coming and going.

Downside with this is that like the primary school there is paper work that needs filling out for me to do this and it will take a while for the paper work to circulate regardless if I know people and some of the teachers didn’t believe it was a good idea, although these teachers where from a different department.

Creative Context: Animation Presentation Brief Response

This post will be a response to the Brief I created earlier for this section of my course.


To alter and present a piece of work that is suitable to the public, in order for it to be later on presented to them in such a manner that lets them see it. There are various ways that the chosen piece can be presented to the public for example it can be used as a screen saver for a schools computer system, been displayed by a projector system by a local bar or pub or even been displayed at a local art exhibit. In order to do this I will need to find a suitable client to discuss my work been shown by them or the group company they work for. The reason for this is so that I can develop the necessary skills to use in the future for example been able to talk to a client who is interested in my work and wants me to produce something for them or me organizing something that I want displaying so that I can gather opinions on how to improve my work.


The piece of Work that I will chose for this brief to be altered for this course is the Bubble and Squeak Animation. What I will do with this animation is first complete it and make sure that it is suitable for this brief as well as for the target audience that I set for this animation. The target audience I did set for this animation was young kids from the age of eight to about sixteen because event though the focus of this animation is indeed comedy the ending of the animation might be considered a bit violent all though this might be my imagination.

This is the animation I will be altering for this project to make it more suitable. What I mean by suitable make sure there are factors such as there is a title opening for the animation to allow the target audience know the name of the characters and who produced the episode. The animation will also require completely been finish off so that I then can add sound effects that are appropriate for the designated age group that the animation is set for.

I have decided that this animation shall not utilize any script or voice acting apart from a few sounds that I will either create my self or find on Royalty Free Sites, meaning that I will only use the actions of the characters to explain the story to the audience, this idea originated from my research on Animation Industry styles and presentation methods such as Tom and Jerry: See Below:


I will also add credits to the animation to state which sounds I have gathered and used that are both mine and Royalty free and give the credit that the creators deserve in said credits. Due to the fact that I my animation focuses on a wide age range, I will focus on making the animations ending as a humorous one that doesn’t upset the audience in the process but makes them laugh. Unlike the short Animation called the Trail produced by Gobelins L’ecole de l’image.

All though the reason for this dramatic ending is most likely because the animation was a non-fiction one and was based on the actual events of the American Civil War where most of the native Americans where pushed out of their homes, for the moving colonists. The difference between this animation and my own is that they are two different genres and styles the Trail while using drama and action is a Non-Fiction Animation based on data and historical information, while Bubble and Squeak is a Comedy and Humor based Fiction Animation made purely from my own imagination with the inspiration of various other cartoons and food name i.e. Bubble and Squeak.

Creative Context: Animation Presentation Method Research 2

Here is some more research for Creative Context in the Animation Industry:

This animation was created by animation students and lecturers at Gobelins L’ecole de l’image. I chose this animation because it was interestingly done for example again this animation used no vocal language as it’s means of communication to get the story across to the audience. This is done by the running of the actual native american during the short animation, the running and his breathing simply explain that he running from something dangerous in a panic or trying to get somewhere quickly, which is revealed later on to actually be both the British Colonial Forces and he is also trying to get back to his home before they destroy it.  The actual style of this animation is also quite interesting because while it maybe a two Dimensional animation style the way it presents itself constantly is in a 3D way often trying to show the environment and how it is important to character at the time, in this case it is not only his home but it is also his means of escape, his life force if you will.

The next Animation style example is again a Gobelins Animation called SHUDO:

Again this animation tells a story through it’s actions not it’s words, But what is interesting about this animation is that it utilities both the past and present to tell the story of what is happening, while it doesn’t explain how the two characters go there, it does explain their relation ship. The relationship is revealed with flash backs that occur throughout the battle such as they where once Student and Teacher in one of the flash backs, this point is later strengthened by them both been in a similar fighting stance to the flash back. What makes this animation very dramatic is that it is later revealed near the end of the animation is that their relationship had evolved from Teacher and Student to Lovers and one of them falls to the other at the very end of the battle. Why this makes the animation quite dramatic is that battle hides the true story behind the two characters until the shocking reveal near the end where one ends up killing the other.


Creative Context: Animation Presentation Method Research 1

This section of my blog will look into different ways that I may be able to present a animation at the end of the year:

The first Example I can give you of a current industry context is Tom and Jerry:

Provided by Cartoons for Kids on Youtube

The reason why this is a excellent example of a current industry context is because it is basically a multi-lingual animation. What I mean by this is that because no words are often spoken by the main characters apart from the occasional scream of pain or the owner of Tom telling him of for destroying the house, there is no language barrier because the story of the animation is easy to understand and hardly anything is said by the characters so there is no struggling to understand what the characters are saying  to each other. The communication is done by the actual actions of the characters in order for them to communicate with themselves, each other and the audience. This might be useful for the animation I might choose later on to be presented to the public because if I choose a location that is set in a heavy English speaking location but lots of tourists visit the location that don’t speak this language they are still able to see what the story is trying to tell them easily.

Another excellent example of breaking the language barrier is Simon’s Cat:

Provided by the Simon’s Cat Youtube

Again this form of animation uses characters who have no voices to communicate with the target audience by using their actions and simple noises such as grass rustling and Simon’s Cat actual purring and meowing to do so. Like Tom and Jerry these animations do also occasionally use the language origination from the user to pass certain parts of the story line or plot that can’t be easily communicated across to the audience but in this case Simon uses a minimum amount of language that is still understandable to those who don’t speak English such as No and Down. Another reason why I chose this animation is that colour scheme of it is quite inspiring, what I mean is that the white is used because not only is it soft on the eyes, meaning unleash the brightness is turned right up does it hurt the eye of the audience, the colours also help identify the nature of the characters. For example Simon’s Cat is constantly depicted as a light white colour the reason for this is that it represents his characters playful nature which is pure and innocent, although some of his actions could argue against this.



Creative Context: Animation Presentation Research

There are various ways of displaying art to the public from the classical museums to massive art conventions. All presenting a wide range of art styles and artist that are either current or are among history, for example modern artist such as Banksy or Quentin Blake or Classic Artists such as Leonardo Divinci, each present differently.

Museums/Art Galleries/Exhibits:

These are the most common methods of presenting the work of various artists to the public. The type of art depends on the actual museum, art Gallery or Exhibit because each one is set up differently not only in appearance wise but also what sort of art they display.

Beverley Art Galley/Library:

While Beverley Art Galley/Library is in deed quite small, it still displays a wide range of Art pieces from original works dating back to the Georgian period or Photo Graphs from the World War Two Era. Each one of these piece while not as famous as works such as Van Gogh still has it’s own place in the gallery to be displayed to the public and still draws quite a crowd for Beverley especially when some of the very old exhibits are brought out from storage for the certain events that involve Beverley such as the Music festival. While this is one of the most basic forms for getting ones work out to the public for viewing and opinions, it might be the best bet for one of my own projects later on, since it gets quite a lot of public attention and interest.


Provided by Apollo Lighting

The exhibits here are also animated or are actual short documentaries that are used to explain some of the more historical details that couldn’t exactly be watered down on the simple name tag that you usually find in a exhibit.

The Internet:

While not necessary completely public, it is still a form that shows of various art styles and techniques to the public that is used by a lot of industries even ones that aren’t necessarily involved with Art or Animation. For Example:


While it isn’t always a conventional method of showing of the work that artist have created to the public, it still is a means of getting the work out their to the public to be criticized, evaluated, studied and appreciated by them. What I mean by this is that many artist actually show their work off on this site, be it a animated collage of photos, showing there work or an actual animation that it either quite long or short, a music piece or video composed by them in order to gather the opinions of those that view them so that they can improve themselves or their work in the future.

Youtube is also used to advertise as well, what this means is that well there are video or images with various music and flashy fonts placed on youtube to catch the attention of the intended target audience. The types of advertisement for this can vary be it for a art gallery or a museum, or a TV series/film or video game this pubic internet software  is used to get the attention of the target audience easily by presenting clips from these things to draw them in. Here are some examples:

This clip is from ever growing popular animated series Steven Universe by Rebecca Suger. The is named the Steven Universe Into Deep Special, this was used by Rebecca Suger to announce to the shows fans that the new season of Steven Universe is coming to cartoon network soon. The way the clip is presented is that various moments from the new season that don’t give too much a way are placed within clip to draw up dramatic tension within the target audience.

The same can be said for the Captain America: Civil War trailer they have used various clips from the film to advertise it to the public, but unlike the previous chosen clip which draws the attention of the target audience with a wide range of clips from different episodes of a season, a film clip/advert will use clips only from the film which will be heavily edited both with sound and footage/animation in order to show the target audience what they want either footage to draw the audience into the film or not enough so they don’t spoil the film. This type of advertisement or displaying of art can be found on television as well.


Now often when you hear the word conventions, most people think conventions such as comic-con, while this is a convention it is not the only type of convention that you get, there are several different kinds just like museums have their own variations but a majority of conventions are often involved with art each with it’s own way to display them.


A Massive Convention that deals with comics, films and animations that have a wide range of genres from Space Opera e.g. Star Wars to Super Heroes e.g. Marvel and D.C. Comics. Although this convention is often called a comic convention due to the fact that a majority of the stalls there are for the comic industry and maybe a few of those aspects from the comic have been turned into or are been turned into TV shows. Although often you will find a wide range of artists who have managed to book a booth at convention to show their art of to the public and look for potential buyers or employers in the future.


This image was supplied by Overmind on

While this is an excellent place to put my animated project, I myself am pretty sure that my work doesn’t reach that sort of callibur yet like the rest of the artists there and while i may say it hasn’t reached that standard yet it doesn’t mean that I don’t think it hasn’t improved over the last year or so. This sort of thing isn’t the best for displaying my work yet either due to the fact that  these sort of convention happen in major cities like London or San Diego which I am neither close to and the fact that my work in it’s current state most likey wouldn’t earn a place and it is very expensive to book a booth.



Creative Context: Animation Presentation Brief

This blog post is a pitch/brief for my Creative Context work:


To alter and present a piece of work that is suitable to the public, in order for it to be later on presented to them in such a manner that lets them see it. There are various ways that the chosen piece can be presented to the public for example it can be used as a screen saver for a schools computer system, been displayed by a projector system by a local bar or pub or even been displayed at a local art exhibit. In order to do this I will need to find a suitable client to discuss my work been shown by them or the group company they work for. The reason for this is so that I can develop the necessary skills to use in the future for example been able to talk to a client who is interested in my work and wants me to produce something for them or me organizing something that I want displaying so that I can gather opinions on how to improve my work.


Year 2 Animation Notes 2

Key Words:

Dramatic Narrative – A story filled with moments which draw in the attention of the target audience and keeps them drawn in for the rest of the story.

Tutor notes:

Add more props to the kitchen background – Bullying Animation

Shorten animation IF NOT FOR CLIENT TASK

Think Ideas for Bubble and Squeak short

Using walking recordings for comparison and study for animations as well as photos of eating breakfast. This is to improve the understanding of motion with both walking and the moving of a spoon in a cereal bowl for bullying animation and former Undercover Grandma animation.