Creative Context: Finished Project for Client

Here is the modified version of Bubble and Squeak for my client project:

As you can see I extended it’s left like I stated I would in the previous post when I was talking about modifying the animation so that it was more suitable for the target audience and for when it was going to be publicly displayed. I added the credits to give credit to those who provided  the sounds of the animation and those that animated the short film. I have also added an introduction to the animation, so that the target audience now know what the name of the characters are as well as title of the short film. The sounds all successfully work as well provided the motion to film as well as the actions of the characters.

From some of the animated films that I gathered, I created Bubble and Squeak to be a non vocal animation that utilizes simple sounds and the motions of the characters to tell the story of animation. This surprisingly worked and the story is actually easy to understand and follow. The sounds aren’t too annoying or irritating and fit in quite loud, although a few of the chosen sounds where a bit too loud.

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