Creative Context: Client Response

I eventually got a response back from Dr Mulcahy-Parker stating:

Dear Luke
We currently have no means of showing film in the gallery, however, we plan to remedy this as part of our preparations for an exhibition in 2017.  
Best wishes
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a place for my work to be displayed to the public due to the next exhibit at the Library/Treasure House/Art Gallery wasn’t until 2017 most likely because of the City of Culture happening in Hull next year and Beverley is most likely preparing for it’s self since both Hull and Beverley are right next to each other.
What I have learned from this experience is that it is possible for your work to be displayed in the public but what you need to do is to have the confidence to ask a client. If you don’t have the confidence in your work or yourself you won’t be able gain a client who will provide you with work or the ability to display their work in the future. So from now on after this experience I will try to be more confident when I approach or am approach by people who could be a potential client. There may be a possibility next year to get my work displayed to the public for the Beverley Art Gallery so I might look into that.

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