Creative Context: Finding a Suitable Client

Now I need to find a suitable client, so that I can discuss the possibility for my work to be presented to the public.

The suitable location I chosen to present my work to the public is:

Beverley Art Gallery/Treasure House/Library:

While this location is a combination of historical, art and literature it still is an excellent choice for presenting my animated project to the Public. I have chosen this because the library has a large section that is dedicated to Children, so due to the fact that my project is an animation that focus on a audience of a young age this is the best possible choice for this.

So I visited the Library to see if I could get my work displayed their in the child section, I was unfortunately told that I would have to ask a member of staff who worked in the Art Gallery and Treasure House to see if I could have my work displayed in the library. Once I spoke with the member of staff who I was refereed to apparently she couldn’t help me but I could possibly get the work displayed if I talked with the Curator of the Museum, Dr Gerardine Mulcahy-Parker .

Unfortunately she wasn’t in and I was told that the only possible way to get in contact with her was to email her, so I was given the email address to get in contact with Dr Mulcahy-Parker. So later I wrote up an email questioning if I could display my work in the public within the library.

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