Creative Context: Animation Presentation Research

There are various ways of displaying art to the public from the classical museums to massive art conventions. All presenting a wide range of art styles and artist that are either current or are among history, for example modern artist such as Banksy or Quentin Blake or Classic Artists such as Leonardo Divinci, each present differently.

Museums/Art Galleries/Exhibits:

These are the most common methods of presenting the work of various artists to the public. The type of art depends on the actual museum, art Gallery or Exhibit because each one is set up differently not only in appearance wise but also what sort of art they display.

Beverley Art Galley/Library:

While Beverley Art Galley/Library is in deed quite small, it still displays a wide range of Art pieces from original works dating back to the Georgian period or Photo Graphs from the World War Two Era. Each one of these piece while not as famous as works such as Van Gogh still has it’s own place in the gallery to be displayed to the public and still draws quite a crowd for Beverley especially when some of the very old exhibits are brought out from storage for the certain events that involve Beverley such as the Music festival. While this is one of the most basic forms for getting ones work out to the public for viewing and opinions, it might be the best bet for one of my own projects later on, since it gets quite a lot of public attention and interest.


Provided by Apollo Lighting

The exhibits here are also animated or are actual short documentaries that are used to explain some of the more historical details that couldn’t exactly be watered down on the simple name tag that you usually find in a exhibit.

The Internet:

While not necessary completely public, it is still a form that shows of various art styles and techniques to the public that is used by a lot of industries even ones that aren’t necessarily involved with Art or Animation. For Example:


While it isn’t always a conventional method of showing of the work that artist have created to the public, it still is a means of getting the work out their to the public to be criticized, evaluated, studied and appreciated by them. What I mean by this is that many artist actually show their work off on this site, be it a animated collage of photos, showing there work or an actual animation that it either quite long or short, a music piece or video composed by them in order to gather the opinions of those that view them so that they can improve themselves or their work in the future.

Youtube is also used to advertise as well, what this means is that well there are video or images with various music and flashy fonts placed on youtube to catch the attention of the intended target audience. The types of advertisement for this can vary be it for a art gallery or a museum, or a TV series/film or video game this pubic internet software  is used to get the attention of the target audience easily by presenting clips from these things to draw them in. Here are some examples:

This clip is from ever growing popular animated series Steven Universe by Rebecca Suger. The is named the Steven Universe Into Deep Special, this was used by Rebecca Suger to announce to the shows fans that the new season of Steven Universe is coming to cartoon network soon. The way the clip is presented is that various moments from the new season that don’t give too much a way are placed within clip to draw up dramatic tension within the target audience.

The same can be said for the Captain America: Civil War trailer they have used various clips from the film to advertise it to the public, but unlike the previous chosen clip which draws the attention of the target audience with a wide range of clips from different episodes of a season, a film clip/advert will use clips only from the film which will be heavily edited both with sound and footage/animation in order to show the target audience what they want either footage to draw the audience into the film or not enough so they don’t spoil the film. This type of advertisement or displaying of art can be found on television as well.


Now often when you hear the word conventions, most people think conventions such as comic-con, while this is a convention it is not the only type of convention that you get, there are several different kinds just like museums have their own variations but a majority of conventions are often involved with art each with it’s own way to display them.


A Massive Convention that deals with comics, films and animations that have a wide range of genres from Space Opera e.g. Star Wars to Super Heroes e.g. Marvel and D.C. Comics. Although this convention is often called a comic convention due to the fact that a majority of the stalls there are for the comic industry and maybe a few of those aspects from the comic have been turned into or are been turned into TV shows. Although often you will find a wide range of artists who have managed to book a booth at convention to show their art of to the public and look for potential buyers or employers in the future.


This image was supplied by Overmind on

While this is an excellent place to put my animated project, I myself am pretty sure that my work doesn’t reach that sort of callibur yet like the rest of the artists there and while i may say it hasn’t reached that standard yet it doesn’t mean that I don’t think it hasn’t improved over the last year or so. This sort of thing isn’t the best for displaying my work yet either due to the fact that  these sort of convention happen in major cities like London or San Diego which I am neither close to and the fact that my work in it’s current state most likey wouldn’t earn a place and it is very expensive to book a booth.



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