Creative Context: Animation Presentation Method Research 1

This section of my blog will look into different ways that I may be able to present a animation at the end of the year:

The first Example I can give you of a current industry context is Tom and Jerry:

Provided by Cartoons for Kids on Youtube

The reason why this is a excellent example of a current industry context is because it is basically a multi-lingual animation. What I mean by this is that because no words are often spoken by the main characters apart from the occasional scream of pain or the owner of Tom telling him of for destroying the house, there is no language barrier because the story of the animation is easy to understand and hardly anything is said by the characters so there is no struggling to understand what the characters are saying  to each other. The communication is done by the actual actions of the characters in order for them to communicate with themselves, each other and the audience. This might be useful for the animation I might choose later on to be presented to the public because if I choose a location that is set in a heavy English speaking location but lots of tourists visit the location that don’t speak this language they are still able to see what the story is trying to tell them easily.

Another excellent example of breaking the language barrier is Simon’s Cat:

Provided by the Simon’s Cat Youtube

Again this form of animation uses characters who have no voices to communicate with the target audience by using their actions and simple noises such as grass rustling and Simon’s Cat actual purring and meowing to do so. Like Tom and Jerry these animations do also occasionally use the language origination from the user to pass certain parts of the story line or plot that can’t be easily communicated across to the audience but in this case Simon uses a minimum amount of language that is still understandable to those who don’t speak English such as No and Down. Another reason why I chose this animation is that colour scheme of it is quite inspiring, what I mean is that the white is used because not only is it soft on the eyes, meaning unleash the brightness is turned right up does it hurt the eye of the audience, the colours also help identify the nature of the characters. For example Simon’s Cat is constantly depicted as a light white colour the reason for this is that it represents his characters playful nature which is pure and innocent, although some of his actions could argue against this.



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