Comic Project

A few months ago I started a comic based project, the projects premise will be kept secret for now. But for now this post is to display the prototype template of possible future covers of comics.


The prototype cover is based on some of the early comic covers from Marvel Comics. While there isn’t much physically on the cover such as an art piece or sketch the main focus was to make usual for more than one comic idea.

Image result for old marvel comics

The two boxes in the top left of the comic are based on the marvel comics logo that was often placed on the comics to show who the publisher is, this is still used today but it depends on the artist and the company. From this I have based my original AMT Animator and re-purposed to be AMT Comics a play on my own name and in honour of the famous comic publisher Marvel. The second box focuses on the date of when the comic was either published or went on sale, I my prototype’s case the day I start working on the comic. The signature in the bottom right of the comic is my own logo to show I was the artist behind it.

Inktober 2018 – Day 4

Inktober Day 4

Attempting the 2018 Inktober event to improve my own artistic capabilities with hand drawn art. Originally attempted to draw a dragon but as I continued it  started to turn into a bird that had either horribly mutated due to unknown causes or it is a simple monster bird of sorts. Either way this was a nice start to this event and I hope I can upkeep this standard or improve it as I continue.

Professional Practice: Logo Ideas 1

As part of my my final year course I need to start trying to place my self into the outside world by learning this skill that is not only necessary but also important in this line of work as it is heavily integrated within the it’s existence. In other words you cannot be part of the artistic world regardless of which place you are in, without been involved within the system that has been set up by artists for generations. An artist makes their way through the world by trying to get noticed by other artists and clients to not only for job opportunities but also experience and improve of ones skill. In order to get started with this process I need to set up several things to help with this process the first been a logo something that can be associated with me as an artist and I have decided that for the logo and name that I will use for myself within this industry is the name that I chose for this blog when I first started my blog, Amtanimator.

I have gone through several different designs over the past few weeks trying to find the right design, the images below are some of the earlier designs that I have come up with.

Amtanimator Logo prot

This one of my first design ideas for the logo, I have gone with something that might be considered quite basic due to the fact that the design is in all a sense one long continues line. In appearance is quite bland and when I drew it I knew that it was lacking something so I decided to do something with the design. This design has one major fault apart from its lack of  umph, which is that it is hard to make out the Amtanimator in the design the A is clear to see as is the M even if the line goes through it (making it some what harder to understand that the A). The T is another fault in the design of this version of the logo as it is hard to work out once is forms an oval that passes over and then goes through the A making the T look more like a D which is not what I wanted and it makes the logo harder to work out. The final fault in this version of the design is that the arrows in the end was originally intended to be a pencil head to represent that I worked as an animator but unfortunately this is not identifiable when looked at.

Amtanimator Logo proto 2

This next image is me attempting to improve my first design at the beginning of this post. As you can see I have taken the original design which is posted in the top left of the image above. From here I have taken that design and altered it several times in several experiments from colour to adding more to image. My first attempt was to add more to the arrow to make it look more like a pencil to show the animation side of my logo. While the pencil did become more clear I began to notice what would be the downside of the design in general. The pencil stood out effectively the down fall was that the actual colours I placed between the lined logo it became such an eye saw since the design was unbalanced with the fact that the so much of the design could be coloured but this rest couldn’t and when I tried to colour the entire background with the same colour it came out looking even worse according to several people that I showed the design too. At one point I manipulated the lines of the design to try and remove the D design that was unintentionally created, this still did not make a difference in the design and didn’t fix the colouring issue.

Amtanimator Logo PrototypeAmtanimator Logo Prototype 2

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 17

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I have extended the opening sequence to the animation to included the Hull city of culture we are Hull, to make it connect with the Women of the World festival, it does give the target audience more time to read all the women who were chosen to be shown in this project but it is a bit to flashy I may need to look into it. I have also added three more animation, the trawler for Lillian Billoca, a pair of scissor for Emily Clapham and a bee buzzing by for Jean Bishop. Although the Trawler animation might need to be extended as it seems to end to soon. The scissor animation ends too soon and should cut across the whole fabric making ti look more realistic. The bee animation is rather emotionless it needs to zip about the screen more to make it look more been like.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Colour Puppetmotion Experiment 1

Here is another Puppetmotion Animation, the difference with this version is that the handmade puppets are coloured this time.

The colours that I have add with the different cutouts of colour paper and card has made a huge difference with the animation. It has made the colour look not only a lot more presentable but it is also add unique characteristic to both them and their props. I will need to make more puppets out of these different colours since it adds a nice affect not only to the puppets but also the animation it’s self. The only down side with this animation is that when I did this new colour based  it made it a lot harder to work with Squeaks as he now had more than the necessary parts and the kept getting jumbled up when I was moving the limbs into the set positions. Next time I will try to keep the puppet parts and colour simple as in it doesn’t make it hard for me to move the parts around when I am animating.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak: Puppetmotion Experiment 1

I have decided to do a puppetmotion animation for Bubble and Squeak which is done out of card, pencil and pen:

The reason behind me suddenly wanting to do Bubble and Squeak in stopmotion puppet animation is that when I was testing out how the animation would look like if i did this manually by hand and he good new is the result is very entertaining and amusing. My characters even if they are quickly created puppets in this case move and look like their own individuals, they are their own characters. While the video and animation is a bit rough since it is my first time, I think that this is the best means of animating my character in order for them and the animation to achieve their potential.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Sketches 4

These sketches are more Bubble and Squeak random scenarios done out of pencil:


These sketches were more focused on Bubble and Squeak’s emotions and how they effect their affect their bodies in the process.


These sketches were some of worst compared to my previous sketches that I did earlier on but it helps me visualise what my characters are like as well as what sort of scenarios they could be involved in and the more I do this the better understand of these characters I get. For example the very last sketch is an idea that has been buzzing in my head for a while now since I sketched the two characters eating together involving may be something happening to their food such as it running out from the m eating too much of it or that it get’s stolen or it disappears something like that.