Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Sketches 3

These sketches are of Bubble and Squeak in various positions and facial expressions to help not only myself understand what sort of actions the characters would get up to but also how these actions affect them, these sketches were done in pencil.


The first row of sketches was to show Bubble and Squeak portraying various facial expressions. The first image is that of a Bored Bubble and Squeak, the next sketch was of something upset Bubble and Squeak, after that a shocked and surprised bubble and Squeak. The larger sketch underneath I placed Bubble and squeak in scenario were the two have spent all day playing and are now tired. I did all of these scenarios to breath more life into the characters and make them more relatable to the target audience.


This next image is of Bubble and Squeak placed into two new scenarios, the first one the two greedy tikes have eaten all their food. This scene came to picture when I had an idea to involve one of their adventures with food so that is an interesting possibility in the future. The next scene is of something terrifying bubble and Squeak into their own unique hiding positions.


The next scene that I sketched out are Bubble and Squeak getting annoyed at something of screen. The next sketch is of Bubble and squeak sleeping next to each other and the final sketch is of the two winking to the audience.


The next sketch was based on another idea I had for the main animation involving either the food pelts been located high above the tank they share or something is happening above the two, hence why Squeak is pointing above. The next sketch is of the two characters getting angry at either each other or another character.


This next image has two sketches one of Bubble and Squeak crying at something off screen, I decided that a full body shot would add more to the emotional scene. The net shot which is a bit odd due to me miss judging Squeaks arm proportioning, this scene was put together to show the two characters friendship.



To highlight their friendship more I crafted several scenes that do so such as them give a friendly hug or Squeak’s trying to get his friend out of his shell metaphorically and literally. All these scenes have helped me understand the relationship between the two characters as well as helping display how close the two are to the audience before I have actually animated them.

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