Comic Project

A few months ago I started a comic based project, the projects premise will be kept secret for now. But for now this post is to display the prototype template of possible future covers of comics.


The prototype cover is based on some of the early comic covers from Marvel Comics. While there isn’t much physically on the cover such as an art piece or sketch the main focus was to make usual for more than one comic idea.

Image result for old marvel comics

The two boxes in the top left of the comic are based on the marvel comics logo that was often placed on the comics to show who the publisher is, this is still used today but it depends on the artist and the company. From this I have based my original AMT Animator and re-purposed to be AMT Comics a play on my own name and in honour of the famous comic publisher Marvel. The second box focuses on the date of when the comic was either published or went on sale, I my prototype’s case the day I start working on the comic.┬áThe signature in the bottom right of the comic is my own logo to show I was the artist behind it.

Inktober 2018 – Day 8

Inktober Day 8

Day 8 of Inktober 2018, I decided to work on my human anatomy by drawing a man performing an an action sen straight from a action movie. I admit that his face could still need work and my pistols and hands need a lot work but the actual length and size of the rest of the character are decently proportioned and do not look too out of place or as an eye sore. So in the end there is some development in my art abilities.