Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Final Design

Here is the final version of the Their Pride and Joy Narrative Task.

Their Pride and Joy

Now this piece is a combination of the CAD Software and Photoshop Software. I chose this as my final design piece due to the fact that I believed the Future Cycle had the most promise out of all the designs I have created so far for this Narrative. Basically like I stated before during the development stage of the work, this piece is set in the modern future were the technology of land based transportation has advanced greatly. The vehicle within the concept art is called the future cycle a motor cycle/scooter hybrid that is designed to get people to and from a location extremely fast and thanks to it size and aerodynamic shape the Future Cycle is able to travel through traffic within cities and motorways like nothing and nothing can beat it on the open road. The Narrative of the concept piece is fairly clear the Future cycle is broken and is understandable, so you can tell that repair by the own but they have left the room to make a cup of tea, while the persons pet guinea pig sleeps on the seat in it’s hamster ball of the Future Cycle. This piece was the favorite of several people I showed as well as one of my favorites and uses a good combination of CAD and Photoshop, as well as been an saw because of the two unique styles been combine as well as the large range of objects within the image.

I think that the this piece came out very well due to the numerous inspirations I used within this project such as Paul Christopher who is an excellent futuristic vehicle and city concept artist. A perfect example of what gave me the idea for the Future Cycle was this piece:

 One of his concept pieces for future bicycle designs, I found this to be one of his most inspiring pieces due to the fact that even though several of his art pieces inspired my early designs this one influenced the Future Cycle the most due to the fact that it takes into account of the of how the futuristic design would affect the actual ability of the bike aerodynamically as well as how it will affect the rider in the process. when I looked at the piece it gave me the final piece to the puzzle I had been looking for and I created the future cycle form this concept piece.

Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Development

Here are the developed Ideas for My Pride and Joy Project:

Their Pride and Joy Development 1

Now the first Idea I developed was my first water based mode of transportation a standard row boat. Now I chose this idea due to the fact that i can be used most effectively within a story narrative which out causing anyone to lose the plot while telling the story. The narrative I chose to go with this image a pirate based on. So the mode of transport is located on that of a abandoned island, the owner of the boat apparently is a pirate and has recently escaped a battle because of all the stray bits of boat that are located on the beach and the treasure chest and pirate hat that are located on the beach. Now when i first drew up this idea it was somewhat appealing but unfortunately the actual mode  of the actual mode of transport was very basic and had no means of creativity within it which made the idea feel still a good way to go but an easy way out. Now I chose this design originally due to the fact that the row boat would have been an excellent means of explaining why the pirate was stranded on the island. Another reason why I chose this design was because it is a effective means of transportation and is not easy to sink if they are built and used correctly. The final reason why this design was chosen is that due to the narrative used this idea was some what of an appealing choice for the narrative due to the fact that it matched the time period but at the same time it’s basic design that can be easily seen and doesn’t cause an eye saw to others. The boat also has a parrot siting on the helm of it.

Their Pride and Joy Development 2

The next design that was been developed is that of the futuristic boat design that I created when by combining the different idea together. The boat was designed to be a advancement in Boating technology that is why it is clamped above the water due tot he fact that it is still been tested by the creators and they haven’t had a very good test so far which is why several life jacket are on the floor because of all the captains of the ship quitting because the project kept going wrong. All the tools are thrown over the floor due to the constant checks, repairs and adjustments that have been made to the boat. The animal on the boat is that of a dog because the head scientist has a thing for dogs. The reason why I chose this design is because it was quite interesting and could have a very good story line to it, another reason why I decided to use this design is that several of class mates stated that this was my beats water based vehicle created so far.

Their Pride and Joy Development 3 This development idea was taken from the hybrid speeder and water ski, the reason why was that I thought it would be a good idea to develop and see how it came out at the end. Unfortunately the idea seemed promising at first but it later turned out that it felt so unappealing to everyone that looked at it. The story was that the hybrid vehicle due to constant use and bad driving via the own, it has to keep getting repaired which is why the vehicle is on a ramps with lots of look a like parts spread out across the room because it has been taken apart and repaired several times. The animal waiting is a giant snake.

Their Pride and Joy Development 4

The next development idea is that of the hybrid Go kart that has a old fashion appearance and a modern engine that makes it go very fast compared to the newer models. Although within this story a dad is building it for his youngest child for their birthday as a surprise, unfortunately the youngest visited the dad while they were working on it with their pet gold fish so the surprise was ruined and the reason why lost of parts are abandoned across the garage. This design idea is one of the most appealing ideas due to the fact that it use a idea that isn’t just based of a random vehicle in fact that entire shape and design was my own the only influence was the actual sport of Go Karting.

Their Pride and Joy Development 5

Now this sin’t one of my beats idea’s in fact once I developed the design from the original the idea came out looking terrible and not how I wanted it at all. So I came up with a narrative that could help make this piece of concept art seem less like a mistake. What I did was add lots of objects that showed that a family was going away on holiday with their pet dog and the reason why that everything is flung all over the place is because something has happened and this has thrown their entire plan out of the window. So they have gone to solve the problem while leaving everything all over the place and the dog hanging out of the window of the car.

Their Pride and Joy Development 6

Now this is my favorite Idea as well as several others and I am planning on moving this idea into the final design. Basically this is what happens the future of land based transportation is hear every one alive has one form of it. The current owner of this house owns a future cycle the latest model and is planning to go out for a drive but the cycle has a problem so the Owner has tried to repair it and is doing quite well until they leave to make a cup of tea leaving both their pet guinea pig and the cycle alone. The idea is very appealing due ti the fact that the actual vehicles has a very unique appearance that draws in the attention of the target audience, the environment draws the attention in as well due to the fact of all the materials and tools left across the room that were used to repair the vehicle.

Their Pride and Joy Development 7The next image is that of A broken down fighter jet that is been built for a private collector in the future that is a enthuses of old Planes. I like this idea when I first drew it up but eventually I started to think that I wasn’t exactly the best idea for this project.

Their Pride and Joy Development 8The next image is of my Carrier ship which is designed to carry no only supplies but also people to and from rescue missions that is why their are lots of crates within this design idea the animal involved with this is a cat. This idea was liked by various people due to the fact that like some of my previous design idea’s the feel of the piece is that of futuristic which is what I was aiming for .

Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Design Idea

This post focuses of the Design Ideas for the Their Pride and Joy.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 1

The first image is the first set of the design ideas that have been created for the Their Pride and Joy Narrative. The first few ideas were based on basic modes of water transport due to the fact that I believed starting from origins of water transport. So the first three drawings within this image are boats and rafts, I did this to help me get started on the water based transportation ideas and later their development. These forms of transportation may seem really old and not very effective but they actual work a lot better than modern means, not in a sens of speed but in a sense of keeping the user dry and making it hard to sink. The next two drawings at the bottom of the image are that of a Submarine and a Surf Board, now a chose a submarine due to the fact that in may not be a boat per say but the idea focuses on means of underwater and above water transportation that can easily be stored.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 2

The next image is another idea for the water based transportation, this time I have focused more on the combination of the ability to travel on both the water and the underneath it. This is displayed on all the sketches within the second image, I tried a wide range of variation of known water transportation to inspire my creations for the boat section of the narrative. The first sketch on this image is supposed to be a jet pack/raft of sorts that can skim over the waters surface and when desired to go underwater connect it to a the back and flick a switch and the device will flip over and convert into a underwater jet pack. The next image is based on the design of modern submarine and a torpedo, This is specifically designed to travel above and under water but it focuses mainly on the under part. The next sketch is one of my favorites due to the fact that it is a miniature sub that travels very quickly again both above and under the water, I designed this based on a old WW2 Sub and some modern scuber gear I saw, the purpose of this boat is that similar to a water ski except it can be all purpose in water.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 3 The next image is that of boats think that I should maybe go back to the original concept of boats, so at first I tried a more modern appearance with the appearance all though my favorite one which is the biggest boat came out looking quite futuristic. The first two sketches which are smallest out of the three where originally based on a small dingy or fishing boat that could be considered a cheap and easy to keep compared to other forms of boats that involve a lot of external features that a boat doesn’t necessarily need. The Futuristic boat is a combination of a speedboat and a sports boat from the Olympics. The reason why I combined the two into this design is that I fought that combining the two would create a unique form that all for filled the purpose that it was created for really well.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 4The next image is moving onto the land based transportation, the first sketch is based on the idea of a Go Kart but the original design has been used for this sketch. The reason why I based the first sketch on this design is because I though it might be a good Idea for the pride and joy mainly due to the fact that it may seem like a father is building the go kart for his son or daughter and it has taken them a very long time that is why it is their pride and joy. The next image is based on the original racing car and car designs, I chose this design due to the fact that the old fashion cars both Racing and Standard all had unique designs back in the past due to the fact that back then people didn’t understand the aerodynamics so the appearance of all their cars were that of been unique. The actual sketch is very interesting in a sense it does appear aerodynamic which I wasn’t in particularly aiming for but at the same time it still appears like a old fashion car which was my main aim when drawing it. The car is supposed to work like a standard car fill it with it’s preference of fuel and it can run all through when I drew it the aimed time period changed for some reason I can see this car in the 1930’s and most people that I have shown this too can agree.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 5 The next image is again based on land vehicle based transport, the first sketch is again based on the go kart but this time the idea is slightly different. What I mean by this is that the design is that of a custom built original Go Kart but it isn’t powered that way in fact the power source of this go kart is that of a standard petrol engine found in the Modern Go Kart Design. So the aim of the first sketch is that of a hybrid of the vintage and modern to create something unique. The reason why I did this was not only to see what would happen if you combined the new and old but to see how well the how built box like go kart would come out and it certain draws the attention of the target audience according to the actual target audience due to the fact that it appearance is just a box but for some reason it catches the attention. The next sketch is based of that of a modern car and I will agree that it wasn’t my most creative design but I fought I might go back to the original designs to see what would happen if I drew it, I might take this to development and see what can be done to make it more appealing.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 6The Next image is my sketches attempting more futuristic based land travel, my first sketch within this was a attempt at doing a modern car but with a more futuristic appearance now it worked to some extent and what I mean by this is that the car still appeared to be some what modern and the design wasn’t very creative I will admit but it gave me the chance to work on vehicles and at least have some form of Idea if I chose to develop it later on. The final land based sketch is my favorite and the reason for this is that it may not be a car pair say, but the focus of this design is a fast means of getting around the open road and in cities which is why it is aerodynamic and small in shape because it allows the bike/scooter hybrid to weaving through traffic very quickly and allows it to travel fast on the open road. The Design also appears quite futuristic which is what I was aiming for with this section of sketches, the reason it looks futuristic is due to the fact that the design of it such as the roof that goes over it and where the wheels are placed don’t appear like they would in a past or modern bike design and this helps make the bike feel more futuristic.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 7Next I focused on air transport now I did this by looking up various planes mainly modern jet fighters, which influences the designs here all though not exactly. This can be seen in the first sketch which has the shape of combination of both modern and old fashion planes such as the Spit Fire and a Modern fighter jet. The idea just occurred while I was working all though I have never drawn a plane before so it was mainly a attempt to draw one. The purpose of this design was that the back engine could provide a speed of mach 1 and the wings helped like all planes keep stability during flight all though in this case the engines on thew wings helps control the speed as well during turns. The next Image was a more aerodynamic approach by attempting to streamline most for the modern fighter jet design even more making ti appear some what more futuristic but at the making it look like a giant bird, which was unintentionally so this design will be dropped from the development.

Their Pride and Joy Design Idea 8

The next sketches are based of the pelicans from the Halo Franchise, both ships are designed to carry massive content be that of supplies or that of humans the ship is designed to carry many times it’s own weight. The first sketch is designed to move quickly as well that why It’s wings are the way that they are in the design and the front of the ship is designed to give a wide view of what is front of the ship. The next design very similar to the one above although this one is based on that of the one above but it is also designed to submerge as well allowing underwater rescues as well that is why it has no wings on the side but has a giant one on the top.

By looking at this design you can see some similarities between the pelican design and that of my rescue and carrier designs but at the same time the designs vary hugely in difference such as the pelican is a lot bigger and has weapons and huge get engines attached to it. While my own carriers designs are based only on rescue as they have small jet engines that can also sustain water travel like a biplane or allow underwater exploration. The carriers I also designed do not military applications to them unlike the original Pelicans and have windows designed to allow a clear birds eye view of the terrain that the carrier is flying above unlike the pelicans windows which are incredibly hard to look out of.

 The bike that I have of my design research is the one that inspired my futuristic Bike/Scooter Design, now it may look like I got no evidence of my design from this image but I in fact did, due to the fact that I used the bikes aerodynamic design for my own bikes design, I did this because the image of the bike is focused soley on speed and due to this it gave me the futuristic idea as well as the use the bike of the future could have with such a small size and shape similar to that here.

Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Research and Inspirations

This section of the Their Pride and Joy Brief is to focus on the Research and Inspiration to help give ideas for the design, development and Final Ideas. I will be doing the research for all three modes of transport mentioned within the Brief. The first Image I chose was a standard row  boat, the reason why I chose this is because one it is a classical means of water transport but also it looks really old fashion and has a pull that draws the attention of the target audience towards it with this vintage feel to it. Another reason why I chose this is that it is also a good way to get started in means of getting used to drawing a boat shape for this Brief, when I draw other boat designs for this brief. The simplicity also helps with the design because it is easy to use and to fit into. The next image is a speed boat/yhot hybrid, I chose this as one of my research means due to the fact that it’s design is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also has a future/post modern feel to it that helps draw the attention of the audience to it. They are also fairly easy to transport means that they can be easily placed on a trailer or into the ocean/sea. The next boat image taken is that of a boat speed racing, why I chose this image is due to the fact that it’s design is quite interesting because it focuses on speed due to it’s aerodynamic allowing it to move quickly as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. This is also interesting because it has opened up a word off different boat based designs that focus on this sort of shape.

The reason why there is a submarine image on this post even though a sub was not specified in the brief is that it gave me an idea for a boat that can submerge just like a submarine. This would a add a interesting feature to my boat design as well as make it more appealing to the audience. Another reason why I chose this image is because the shape is unique and could be used later on.

The next image is for the car section of the Brief. I chose this image due to the fact that it gives a general idea about what a car would look like for what I might base my car design on. Another reason why I chose this image is due to the fact that the shape used for this model of car is very fascinating and could be useful later on.

Now this image may not be a car but the reason why I chose it is because of this, most bike designs that are seen today to do with the modern day are quite unique and each has their own design due to customization. So the reason why I chose this because I like the design due to it’s unique and interesting appearance as well as the general idea of a two wheeled vehicle.

The reason why I chose this is because I think to develop a new idea we have to go back to the classics to do so. So I chose a very old car model for my means of inspiration to help me with car designs later on.

I chose the pelican from Halo due to the fact the design appears somewhat modern but at the same time it appears to be futuristic, which adds a field of interest as well a awe to it due tot eh fact that it can fly better then any modern day tech but at the same time appears quite Primitive. Another reason why I chose this is because it gives of a unique feel that draws your attention to the design.

I chose this image due to the fact that I found the idea of jet powered flight a interesting concept means of transport for both people and resources. Another reason why I chose this is because the shape of the actual plane is very interesting and allows a large range of idea to be created from it.


Paul Christopher: A concept artist who specializes in vehicle concept art, the reason I find him inspiring is due to the fact that some of his piece are incredible both in detail and in appearance as well, due to the fact that they are so creative.

Theses images here are perfect example of his work and what I meant by how incredible they are. I find theses pieces produced by him very inspiring due to the fact that he takes into account, the world, the environment and who uses this vehicle when he draws them.

He currently is working in the Entertainment Industry in LA. Click here to check his blog and Official Web page:


Official Web Page

Scott Robertson: Scott Robertson is a concept Artist that is known for his concept art in transport/vehicles, he has also design several concept pieces for films and has published several drawing guides such as Costume Design and Illustration.

Click here to see some of his works:

I find him inspiring due to the fact that not only does he specializes in Concept Art for transport/vehicles but also due to the fact that his work expands to all most anything that you can think of from creatures/beings to buildings and facilities, he can draw master pieces of them.

Creative Futures Brief: Their Pride and Joy:

This is a narrative that was given to the students who wanted to enter the course as a entry task and no we are visiting it at again.

Visualization – (Character)/Environment .

Need to include Research e.g. images and own notes on them, design idea sketches, development ideas, final design and final image/storyboard in full colour or line work.

Include a list of influences as well.

Visualize a scene/environment for a animation or game this environment then is influence by the vehicle of your choice either a boat, a car or an air craft of some sort. The vehicle must be indoors but at the same time see able via a open door/entrance. The vehicle must be either under repair or is been prepared for a trip, so various objects and parts must be found around the vehicle. A animal of some sorts must also be included within the image either in or on the vehicles waiting for it’s owner to return.