Creative Futures Brief: Their Pride and Joy:

This is a narrative that was given to the students who wanted to enter the course as a entry task and no we are visiting it at again.

Visualization – (Character)/Environment .

Need to include Research e.g. images and own notes on them, design idea sketches, development ideas, final design and final image/storyboard in full colour or line work.

Include a list of influences as well.

Visualize a scene/environment for a animation or game this environment then is influence by the vehicle of your choice either a boat, a car or an air craft of some sort. The vehicle must be indoors but at the same time see able via a open door/entrance. The vehicle must be either under repair or is been prepared for a trip, so various objects and parts must be found around the vehicle. A animal of some sorts must also be included within the image either in or on the vehicles waiting for it’s owner to return.

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