Narrative: Their Pride and Joy Final Design

Here is the final version of the Their Pride and Joy Narrative Task.

Their Pride and Joy

Now this piece is a combination of the CAD Software and Photoshop Software. I chose this as my final design piece due to the fact that I believed the Future Cycle had the most promise out of all the designs I have created so far for this Narrative. Basically like I stated before during the development stage of the work, this piece is set in the modern future were the technology of land based transportation has advanced greatly. The vehicle within the concept art is called the future cycle a motor cycle/scooter hybrid that is designed to get people to and from a location extremely fast and thanks to it size and aerodynamic shape the Future Cycle is able to travel through traffic within cities and motorways like nothing and nothing can beat it on the open road. The Narrative of the concept piece is fairly clear the Future cycle is broken and is understandable, so you can tell that repair by the own but they have left the room to make a cup of tea, while the persons pet guinea pig sleeps on the seat in it’s hamster ball of the Future Cycle. This piece was the favorite of several people I showed as well as one of my favorites and uses a good combination of CAD and Photoshop, as well as been an saw because of the two unique styles been combine as well as the large range of objects within the image.

I think that the this piece came out very well due to the numerous inspirations I used within this project such as Paul Christopher who is an excellent futuristic vehicle and city concept artist. A perfect example of what gave me the idea for the Future Cycle was this piece:

 One of his concept pieces for future bicycle designs, I found this to be one of his most inspiring pieces due to the fact that even though several of his art pieces inspired my early designs this one influenced the Future Cycle the most due to the fact that it takes into account of the of how the futuristic design would affect the actual ability of the bike aerodynamically as well as how it will affect the rider in the process. when I looked at the piece it gave me the final piece to the puzzle I had been looking for and I created the future cycle form this concept piece.

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