Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2.7 – Final Animation

Here is the final Prototype animation for the Bullying Animation:

As you can see I have successfully fixed the sudden change in walking motion of the Victim through the park and successfully extended this motion as well allowing the victim to reach the end of the park to encounter the bully. The bully as you can see also has a successful walking motion that allows him to encounter the victim and at least act out the infamous hand over your lunch money scene that is often associated with bullying. The downside with the motion with the bullying cels was that his hand motion wasn’t very well done, I will need to work on my body motions some more in future.

The reason why this the last prototype of the Bullying animation because the deadline for the bullying is coming up and I don not have enough time to complete it before the hand in. But I will resume this project maybe later on.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2.4

Here is the next prototype of the Bullying Animation:

This animation has the victim successfully stir his breakfast and milk without any glitches or problems occurring such as the miss positioning of the hand when the spoon is been stired.

As you can see I have utilized the images that my tutor allowed me to take of her pretending to stir a liquid to fix not only the glitches but also the positioning of the hand. These images have been a great help to my bullying animation project in so many ways and I hope it will help me in future. This animation also has all the animation background successfully done and in position, the only downside like previously is that the cells aren’t designed to stay around for long enough, so I will need to fix the amount of time they stay around for. The animation also has a sort of successful walking motion with the victim through the park, the motions of the walking seem to be working successfully and it looks like he is actual walking like I actual human. The down side of the walking motion is that it swaps speed and positioning suddenly and it make it look like the victim is suddenly limping so I will need to tweak that soon, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2

Here is the next prototype for the Bullying Animation:

As you can see this animation has had some improvements since the 1.6 Prototype. For example the actual victims animated body has been corrected, the colours have been dimmed and the lines have been thinned out like I stated in the previous post. He now looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and represents a actual human in appearance for once although in the future a few tweak to my human anatomy work is needed. The hand that stirs the milk in the bowl  has also glitched at various pints making it look like it doesn’t look like it’s there, which means that I need to find out why the glitches occurred and fix them before the next prototype update. The environments for the animation haven’t been change but new ones have been added on to the animation for later on but I need to expand the amount of frames there are for them so it lasts longer.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 1.6

Here is the Bullying animation Prototype 1.6:

As you can see this animation prototypes isn’t the best but there is room for improvement all the same. For example this animation while showing the waking up scene for the victim still has a lot to of glitches to fix for example I am not happy with his general body design, it is awful, admittedly not my best work at all but this is why they are prototypes because they still need work. So next time I need to redo the body of the victim to make it more appropriate and match the animation style better, for example make sure the colours aren’t as bright next time and alter the thickness of the lines. Another fault with the victim was that he was missing his hand, the one that is suppose to control the spoon when it stirs, the reason for this is that I needed to understand how the motion of the hand works when using a spoon to stir a liquid.

So my tutor offered to display the stir motions for me, so that I could understand what I needed to do for the motions and the hand positioning. So in the next animation the motioning and positioning of the hand should be correct or at least close enough.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animatic

I decided to animated my storyboard that I prepared for my Bullying animation to see how the animation would look like when finished and to give me some good ideas on how to improve the working prototype.

Like I stated before this was animated so I could see what needs to be improved for the final full animation. I admit that the slides that I put together for this animatic weren’t the best due to the fact that there weren’t enough to show certain motions at certain parts within the animatic making the motions jumping and sometimes hard to read but the general idea is still put across. The strongest points that I wanted to show within the animatic and story board are all shown though which is the victim actually been picked on by the bully with different means and variations.

Narrative Structure – Non Fiction Animation: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Animation Test 3

Here is the next animation test, which shows I made the corrections to the mistakes from the previous animation:

As you can see I have corrected the previous mistakes with the bed, the breathing doesn’t make the sheets poof up like a massive balloon anymore in fact, I have managed to make the move of the bed sheet look so natural now. The only down side with this animation test is that the animation is a bit slow and the lines on some of the cels are too thick so they need shrinking down before the next test.

Narrative: Non Fiction – Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Animation Test 2

Here is next test, I call it a test because it shows how far I got before I make mistakes:

As you can see version has a few bugs that need working out of this animation such as why the bed sheet inflates like a balloon when the main character breaths in his sleep. I also need to start fitting a body in the kitchen scene so that a spoon isn’t stiring it’s self anymore during this scene.

Narrative: Non Fiction – Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Animation Test 1

Here is the first test for the bullying animation:

I need to remove the lines that are supposed to represent movement when the main character roles over it makes it look like the alarm clock is vibrating into the bed sheets. So I will then need to find another way to show that the bed sheets are actually moving maybe show the sheets move up and down on the bed or maybe ever so slightly twist when the character moves. I also need to extended the kitchen scene for later on.

Narrative Structure: Non Fiction: Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Animation Victim Emotion Test

Here one of my first animation tests for the bullying animations:

I did this animation just to test how the characters would react to certain events even if you can’t see it. I originally did this so I knew what sort of face the characters would pull when I put them in a certain event within the animation, so that I made it easier for me later on.

Narrative: Non Fiction – Bullying: The Life of a Victim: Script 2

Here is the corrected version of the script:

Script V3 P1Script V3 P2Script V3 P3Script V3 P4

I stated that this was the finished version of the script due to the fact that it explains what is happening within the bullying animations story effectively and correctly like shown within the story board. The previous mistakes have been found and corrected and certain areas have been extended such as the walk home to make the animation seam more realistic.