Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2

Here is the next prototype for the Bullying Animation:

As you can see this animation has had some improvements since the 1.6 Prototype. For example the actual victims animated body has been corrected, the colours have been dimmed and the lines have been thinned out like I stated in the previous post. He now looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and represents a actual human in appearance for once although in the future a few tweak to my human anatomy work is needed. The hand that stirs the milk in the bowl  has also glitched at various pints making it look like it doesn’t look like it’s there, which means that I need to find out why the glitches occurred and fix them before the next prototype update. The environments for the animation haven’t been change but new ones have been added on to the animation for later on but I need to expand the amount of frames there are for them so it lasts longer.

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