Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2.7 – Final Animation

Here is the final Prototype animation for the Bullying Animation:

As you can see I have successfully fixed the sudden change in walking motion of the Victim through the park and successfully extended this motion as well allowing the victim to reach the end of the park to encounter the bully. The bully as you can see also has a successful walking motion that allows him to encounter the victim and at least act out the infamous hand over your lunch money scene that is often associated with bullying. The downside with the motion with the bullying cels was that his hand motion wasn’t very well done, I will need to work on my body motions some more in future.

The reason why this the last prototype of the Bullying animation because the deadline for the bullying is coming up and I don not have enough time to complete it before the hand in. But I will resume this project maybe later on.

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