Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animation Prototype 4 – Final

Here is the final prototype for the Undercover Grandam Animation:

As you can see I have finished the body of the thug/criminal but the actual animation of the undercover grandma’s legs still needs work because they are still quite glitches so I will eventually fix that. The other scenes have all been developed that is actually what you see at the end of the last animated character interacts due to the fact it helped me develop the animation so I could get it to work better. There is a quite a bit of dramatic impetus and emotive context in this because of the misleading of the undercover grandma herself been a weak old women and I have managed to do this for most of the animation especial with her leg movements and movable luggage even if it does glitch a lot. The emotive context make you actually feel quiet sorry for the old lady but at the same time quite curious about her nature and why she is approaching the thug or mysterious person. I am ending this animation due to the fact that the dead line is up soon and I cannot finish this in time unfortunately but I will try to come back to eventually and finish it for my own personal enjoyment, even though I have enjoyed this project very much.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animation Prototype 2

Here is the second prototype for the Undercover Grandma:

As you can see I have fixed the glitch and this has now allowed me to advance with this scene and show the undercover grandma to be looking around curiously quite successfully and the animation looks fairly decent for once, compare to some of my other works. The basket she carts around with her now successfully pulls up to the bench now, which she is supposed to sit on but I haven’t done that yet since I was supposed to get the head working properly. I have also extended the scenes and so now their are more environment later on for the story as the animation continues. The legs still need work especially when granny goes to get up and approach what is their of the thug that I have built so far, so I will need to fix those for the new up date on the next prototype.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animation Prototype 1

Here is the first prototype test for the undercover grandma:

As you can see I have put the leg movement research to good use and made the undercover grandma’s appearance extremely believable with the legs movements which shows she is dragging her feet giving the impression that she is quite old which makes the audience to believe what I want to and it has with the tests when I showed my target audience. The only problems with this is her close up glitched and went on for the rest of the animation until the very end, I will figure out what happened before the next test and fix it and the leg movements might need at bit more work.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animatic 2 – Final

Here is the final Anamatic for this project:

Straight away you can tell this one is the better one out of the two the story ending makes more sense and the story is better paced. It is also a lot easier to understand which characters are which e.g. the thugs/criminals and the story is really shocking when the Granny reveals she is an uncover officer of the law, so it works well and presents a decent dramatic impetus and emotive context especially with shock of the grandma’s job.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animatic 1

Here is the first animatic for the Undercover Grandma:

This was supposed to be the final storyboard animated into an animatic to display how well the story would work out in a animated form, unfortunately I accidentally did the wrong storyboard. There is a bright side to this at least I got to see how my old version of the animation would have worked out in the end and what I can say is it would have worked for most of the animation but not at the end, it started to lack something hopefully the final storyboard animatic will prove to be better.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research 7 Recorded Clips

Here are some of the recording I took for my dramatic impetus and Emotive Context:

These recordings where all taken so that I could study how the walking of different people shows dramatic impetus and emotive context. All this clips show a wide range of this people who walk with limps suggest that they have sustained quite an injury either from a sports accident or they fought in a war or just from old age. This carets a motion often to feel sorry for the character who is limping. On the other hand ones who walks quite quickly suggest that they are very healthy and this brings a smile or even a laugh to the face of those who see it especially if they are children.

Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research 4 Brief Response

1A – You are to spend some time outside the college building watching and making visual notes on members of the public interacting in Queens Gardens.

These sketches are my response to the brief that was set each one of these drawings is a sketch of someone that I saw in Queen’s Gardens and a few people I drew on the train home. The tree was drawn because it in its self is a form of dramatic impetus mainly because it reveals the area is a forest or park based environment and this sets the feel of the environment in the future. Most of the dramatic impetus and the emotive context comes from the different actions of each characters for example the old man on the bottom left is rubbing his hands while sat on the train. This could mean several things one he is cold and due to his old age can’t handle the cold as well as he use too or two he is extremely nervous about meeting someone may a son or granddaughter. Just with him rubbing his hands not only builds ups suspense but it also creates tension for the target audience as well who don’t know whats going to happen.

1B – Following making your observations of people and their interactions in Queens Gardens – draw up a storyboard of nine frames, basing a small fictional incident on the characters you observed there. In addition provide some detailed drawings of your main character/s (in particular, consider the “performance” of these characters, what idiosyncratic physical movements do they have, from their unique walk, to there gestures* and facial expressions) along with two possible treatments of the backgrounds. You may need to go back to Queens Gardens to make further observational drawings.

I have already responded to this part of the brief with the development of the undercover grandma animation project who was derived from the earlier brief and I have carried on using this as my main project fro this section of the course.

Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Story Board 2

Here is the next version of the storyboard for the Undercover Grandma:


Like I said before on the previous storyboard for this I need to remove the fight scene, which I did I also presented a close up of the Undercover Grandma’s face when she brings out the handcuffs to arrest the criminals. I attempted to do a stern face but it looks rather bland unfortunately, I personally don’t know how that happened maybe it was the wrinkles. I also included the new designs for the criminals in this one making them more identifiable to both myself and the target audience. The Storyboard is also easier to understand meaning the story can be easily read. The actions of the characters within the story board are shown clearly constantly through out the story board for example the Undercover Grandma looking left and right, clearly indicates that she is looking for someone, but like I said this storyboard does need altering.

Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Criminals Final Design

Here is the final design of the Criminals for the Undercover Grandma Animation:

As you can see I fixed the clothes and the waste-line of my characters making them look a lot more realistic due to the fact the waste is a lot wider and the clothes give the appearance that they are loosely fitting. The combined use of the characters design and colour made the design look extremely appealing as well as gave the point that these characters are indeed criminals and are also somewhat easy to  relate to.

Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Criminals Concept Art 2 and Colour Scheme

Here is next concept design idea with all the favorite designs aspects from previous put together to design the characters as what they might look near their final design, this section will also include the colour schemes.

These various designs for the shirts, trousers, shoes and face surprisingly came out looking fairly decent compared to some of my earlier works with human anatomy. The only downside is that the actual clothing is somewhat to skin tight and the actual waist design of the characters make the characters looking like they have suffered from lack of food. What I need to improve with this design is the  waist design due to the waist looks awful as well as the closeness of the clothing to skin.

As you can see I produced a wide range of colour schemes for the criminals, the first of both the designs I will admit where rather bland, although the hair on the first design on the right the hair colour is an awful colour making the character himself look very ugly. After going through several attempts to see what colours would look best for theses characters the final two where voted by the target audience due to several reason such as they colours look ascetically pleasing or that they make it easier for them to be identified as the criminals or someone up to no good within the animation.