Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animation Prototype 2

Here is the second prototype for the Undercover Grandma:

As you can see I have fixed the glitch and this has now allowed me to advance with this scene and show the undercover grandma to be looking around curiously quite successfully and the animation looks fairly decent for once, compare to some of my other works. The basket she carts around with her now successfully pulls up to the bench now, which she is supposed to sit on but I haven’t done that yet since I was supposed to get the head working properly. I have also extended the scenes and so now their are more environment later on for the story as the animation continues. The legs still need work especially when granny goes to get up and approach what is their of the thug that I have built so far, so I will need to fix those for the new up date on the next prototype.

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