Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Criminals Concept Art 2 and Colour Scheme

Here is next concept design idea with all the favorite designs aspects from previous put together to design the characters as what they might look near their final design, this section will also include the colour schemes.

These various designs for the shirts, trousers, shoes and face surprisingly came out looking fairly decent compared to some of my earlier works with human anatomy. The only downside is that the actual clothing is somewhat to skin tight and the actual waist design of the characters make the characters looking like they have suffered from lack of food. What I need to improve with this design is the  waist design due to the waist looks awful as well as the closeness of the clothing to skin.

As you can see I produced a wide range of colour schemes for the criminals, the first of both the designs I will admit where rather bland, although the hair on the first design on the right the hair colour is an awful colour making the character himself look very ugly. After going through several attempts to see what colours would look best for theses characters the final two where voted by the target audience due to several reason such as they colours look ascetically pleasing or that they make it easier for them to be identified as the criminals or someone up to no good within the animation.


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