Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research 4 Brief Response

1A – You are to spend some time outside the college building watching and making visual notes on members of the public interacting in Queens Gardens.

These sketches are my response to the brief that was set each one of these drawings is a sketch of someone that I saw in Queen’s Gardens and a few people I drew on the train home. The tree was drawn because it in its self is a form of dramatic impetus mainly because it reveals the area is a forest or park based environment and this sets the feel of the environment in the future. Most of the dramatic impetus and the emotive context comes from the different actions of each characters for example the old man on the bottom left is rubbing his hands while sat on the train. This could mean several things one he is cold and due to his old age can’t handle the cold as well as he use too or two he is extremely nervous about meeting someone may a son or granddaughter. Just with him rubbing his hands not only builds ups suspense but it also creates tension for the target audience as well who don’t know whats going to happen.

1B – Following making your observations of people and their interactions in Queens Gardens – draw up a storyboard of nine frames, basing a small fictional incident on the characters you observed there. In addition provide some detailed drawings of your main character/s (in particular, consider the “performance” of these characters, what idiosyncratic physical movements do they have, from their unique walk, to there gestures* and facial expressions) along with two possible treatments of the backgrounds. You may need to go back to Queens Gardens to make further observational drawings.

I have already responded to this part of the brief with the development of the undercover grandma animation project who was derived from the earlier brief and I have carried on using this as my main project fro this section of the course.

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