Acting and Audience: Undercover Grandma: Story Board 2

Here is the next version of the storyboard for the Undercover Grandma:


Like I said before on the previous storyboard for this I need to remove the fight scene, which I did I also presented a close up of the Undercover Grandma’s face when she brings out the handcuffs to arrest the criminals. I attempted to do a stern face but it looks rather bland unfortunately, I personally don’t know how that happened maybe it was the wrinkles. I also included the new designs for the criminals in this one making them more identifiable to both myself and the target audience. The Storyboard is also easier to understand meaning the story can be easily read. The actions of the characters within the story board are shown clearly constantly through out the story board for example the Undercover Grandma looking left and right, clearly indicates that she is looking for someone, but like I said this storyboard does need altering.

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