Development Showreels

Here are the Showreels to show my development this year:

Classy Clyde the Builder

Here are the digital versions of the characters, the items and the environment. This is the starting point of the final version of the animation. This is helpful because it allows me to have a good look at what a coloured version of the animation will look like before and after it is put together. The downside is that the motion is not there so I wont have a idea about what the animation will look like when it is animated.

Classy Clydes Bday Cake Classy Clyde the Builder Classy Clyde 2 Classy Clyde 1 Bar (1)

Classy Clyde the Builder: The Animatic

Here is the animated version of the finished storyboard, which allows me to see what the actual animation would look like movement wise due to the fact that each part of the story board is animated. The down side is that depending on how many story square contain images due to the fact that this acts similar to Cel animation meaning the movement will be ragged unless their is more then a certain amount of cells within each scene.

Classy Clyde the Builder: Story Board

Here is the story board for Classy Clyde the Builder Celebrating at a bar, the main story is as follows which is Classy Clyde enters the bar and orders a birth day cake and a drink to celebrate his birthday. The storyboard gives the general idea of the story as well as what the characters and props are and how they will interact with each other as well as the environment, the down side of this story board is that the arm positions where in correct which is why I had to go back to the position practices I did before this to remind me on  how arms would work, until I got it right and then I corrected this story board. Scan Scan 3 Scan 2