Timeline Research 1914: Gertie the Dinosaur

Gertie the Dinosaur, was an animated short that created and animated by Winosaur McCay, the animation is a total of fifteen minuets long because the animation uses and is the very first animation that includes an animated Dinosaur. I believe that this is one of the best examples of early working forms of animation that is recorded in the early 20th Century due to the fact that the animation moves so smoothly and appears to be really realistic, except for maybe a few of the movements Gertie performs such as her moving her legs, she often over exaggerates her legs by moving back and forth before moving further forward. The animation was set up, so that it appeared that Gertie did what her creator told her to do when he asked her to do it or did something that was close to that command. Gertie may have been McCay’s most successful animation, he produced other animations before he created Gertie, which was called Little Nemo in 1911 and  How to operate a mosquito in 1912. He did plan a sequel called Bertie the Sequel but he later abandoned. This is classified under Entertainment and Inventions.

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