Classy Clyde the Builder: Design Ideas 2

Here is another group of deign ideas for my Classy Clyde the Builder Animation, The images here vary from locations and character Design. The location designs are actually different views of the bar that the characters see from their point of view, the main one I am considering using mainly is the view from the back of the bar giving a view of Classy Clyde and the seating area, as well as the background. This also allows a main view on the top part of Classy Clyde, the down fall is that the bottom of Classy Clyde is not see able so you might not be able to see all of the items on the character that identify him as a builder. The down fall with one of the environment sketches is that it only gives a brief view of the bar due to the fact that it is where the bar attendant is stationed. Some of the images here also contain expressions of the characters faces as well as arm positions allowing me to understand how the character would be position when they are sat at the bar and allow me to make it appear more realistic.

Scan 13 Scan 12 Scan 11 Scan 8 Scan 7 Scan 6

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