Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner: Client Project WOW potential clients for my project: Kadromah94

One of the other locations I investigated for my client project was the media cafe the Kadromah94 located at 94 Alfred Gelder Street Hull, I went to investigate this as a potential client that would be able to host my project since it host a wide range of Media based events. When I visited the cafe, I asked a member of staff if I could talk to the manager of the establishment. I was asked why and I told them that I was a third year Animation student at Hull School of Art and Design and that I was looking for someone who could host one of my works to public as it is part of my course.  I was given a email address that the manger prefers to be emailed and that he is all ways busy so this is the best way to reach him. I email the manger of the Kardomjah94 once I got back:

Asset 1

I received a response two days later requesting that I send a MP4 format of the file and that I should try Humberfilm. Once I received this email I began to trying to find a way to converted my file for famous women of Hull into a MP4 unfortunately SWF files and FLA files can’t be tranfered into these formats without loosing actionscript3 which is a key component to my Famous Women of Hull Project, so my Tutor Gareth suggested that I do a screen recording of it and send my client that instead.

Hull City of Culture: Poppies Wave and Weeping Window

This post is another on a Hull City of Culture exhibits:

The exhibit will visit several different towns and cities for several weeks. The Poppies are made out ceramic materials and painted before been placed from a window and designed to flow from a designated window within the town or city before reaching a gravel based ground that is also part of the exhibit. The exhibit is a memorial piece for memorial day, for all the brave soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect their countries and families.

Hull City of Culture: The Propeller

This post is for the pictures taken for the city of culture exhibit fan:


The propeller was moved to Queen Victoria’s square after the opening evening of Hull City of Culture. It is a modern design Propeller for a wind turbine. This piece was shown at the city of culture for eight months before been removed for the next exhibit that would takes it’s place later on. The fan is considered a symbol of not only modern science and culture but also what humanity can achieve if we focus on green energy sources.

Independent Practice: Lines of Thought Workshop

This post is explain and show what I did during the Lines of Thought Workshop, this exhibit was to show pieces of work from various artists from across time, some of these works included Michelangelo, Leonardo and Picasso. The exhibit will remain at Hull University’s Brynmor Jones Library till 28th February 2017 before the exhibit is moved to one of the other two locations before it is returned to the National History Museum in London.

We start the workshop by talking with the exhibit managers before she set us a task of looking around the exhibit and looking at the art pieces that drew our attention without looking at information and trying to work out why we found it interesting for an hour. Afterwards we then went went round the gallery with the manger visiting each piece discussing why we found them interesting. I found several of these pieces very interesting as they not only showed what the artists were thinking at the time, as most of the works there were actually prototype sketches or idea that the artists had drawn down so they wouldn’t forget or wanted to try something out. An excellent example of this is Michelangelo’s sketches of the design for the Madonna and Child.

The works that were shown at the Lines of thought exhibit were incredible and truly inspiring, it showed me that regardless of ones art style you can still portray your own ideas effectively and clearly. This has not only inspired but also encouraged me to keep going at with my projects and developing my art skills and not matter what others think about my skills don’t let put me down or make me over confident.

Eventually we left the exhibit and went to another room were we were given photocopies of the art pieces and told to sketch over some of the photo copies with tracing paper. Then with a piece of card we used a pen on the other side of the tracing paper to trace the drawings onto the card to create our own piece of art. With this done we could either keep the art pieces we had created or give them for a collaboration pieces that all the art workshops were putting together.

These three images are of me comparing the traces on the piece of card against the original drawings to see how well I had trace from the photocopies, several other students at the Lines of thought workshop also did this at the suggestion of our guide. We did this not only to see how well our own attempts at tracing the art were but to show how even when coping someone else’s style it will never be exactly the same and will always have your own creative flair to it. Next we returned to the small room that we were using for our drawings and were told that we were going to use the photocopies now to make a collage that all the workshop was putting together. The rule were simple we could do what ever we wanted with the photocopies from cutting fragments out to covering so much of the photo copies with tipex and felt tip as long as we kept all the work connected in someway when we stuck them on the wall.


This is the trace art that we put together using tracing paper, a pencil and a pen.



The pieces above are the main bits that I contributed to Collaboration in the Lines of Thought exhibit. Please note that no all of the cut offs in the images are my own, their are also done by the same people who were in my group. Examples of my contributions are brick road above, The Big Smile, the hanging mace above the and the explosive, the turtle shell helmet, etc.


Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 41

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I corrected the animation so now their are Chimney’s that are smogging up a city which my target audience said connected to Norma a lot better than the previous animation and I made a better animation of a sailing boat that went across the whole screen to show Plain Sailing better.


I created the latest version of Famous women of Hull by utilising the brush tool to draw odd angles such as the sails on the boat, the line tool for the straight lines in the scene such as the phone in Maureen Lipman’s scene. I also used the eraser tool to remove mistakes and the paint bucket to fill in were more colour was desired.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 35

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

This animation is now now reaches it’s own credits and the animation are all complete. Debra now finishes her performance and poses for the audience. The walking animation is now much longer and does a bit more helping draw in the target audience a lot more effectively. The phone now sits on a table while it rings. Norma Waterson’s animation is based on Dirty Old Town and shows a town that was once clean get dirtier and dirtier. (My Tutor Janis did point out that maybe I should just show chimney’s smog up the blue sky) to save not only time but also make the situation much more believable. Tracey Thorn’s animation shows a sail blowing in the wind but this doesn’t portray the connect to her or her song Plain Sailing very well so I will need to go back to this later on.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 30

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I have made several of the changes proposed previously such as the bee now zig zags across the screen not only to give the audience more look at and make the bee look more life like but to also extend the scene. The people I have shown have all like the bees new animation. The telephone is now coloured and it’s animation is now working completely, but I still need to get the table top it is placed on done. The scissors now cut across the whole screen, which make that animation a lot more believable and give the audience time to work out which women was involved with this industry. The Debra animation still needs work as it isn’t long enough yet, but I can fix that. I have also made all the portraits of the women black and white to make sure their colour don’t clash with each other.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 24

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I still need to make the corrections made in my previous post but I have been more focused on animating the rest of the women’s animated symbols. What I have managed to do since my last post is add three more animations, the first belonging to Stevie Smith based on her poem not waving but drowning, the animation involves a waving hand with the rest of the body hidden from view. The animation still needs a bit of work but it still gives a successful representation of Stevie Poem. The next animation is a wring phone, which is a obvious reference to Maureen Lipman, I do admit that it still needs work such as colour scheme but apart from that the animation works really well. The last animation is that Debra Stephenson with her body-less dooplganer performing on stage although this animation needs a bit more work, it not just right yet.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 17

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I have extended the opening sequence to the animation to included the Hull city of culture we are Hull, to make it connect with the Women of the World festival, it does give the target audience more time to read all the women who were chosen to be shown in this project but it is a bit to flashy I may need to look into it. I have also added three more animation, the trawler for Lillian Billoca, a pair of scissor for Emily Clapham and a bee buzzing by for Jean Bishop. Although the Trawler animation might need to be extended as it seems to end to soon. The scissor animation ends too soon and should cut across the whole fabric making ti look more realistic. The bee animation is rather emotionless it needs to zip about the screen more to make it look more been like.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 11

This is another post for a prototype of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation made in Adobe Animate:

I have successfully completed the propeller animation for Amy Johnson, although the animation may need speeding up in this sequence it just seems to be a little slow at the moment. I also added since the last video post for this project an opening which was suggested by my tutor Janis, who said that while getting my target audience to guess who the famous women are, it might be better to have a introduction for women. So I had the portraits of the famous women appear after the title of the animation and their silhouettes. This was to show which women where chosen for this animation and too make the project a lot easier for them to figure which each short animation represented who. I also have successfully started the finished the flying book animation, well at the least the basic animation but part of it has glitched and turned white, I will need to fix that.