Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 24

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

I still need to make the corrections made in my previous post but I have been more focused on animating the rest of the women’s animated symbols. What I have managed to do since my last post is add three more animations, the first belonging to Stevie Smith based on her poem not waving but drowning, the animation involves a waving hand with the rest of the body hidden from view. The animation still needs a bit of work but it still gives a successful representation of Stevie Poem. The next animation is a wring phone, which is a obvious reference to Maureen Lipman, I do admit that it still needs work such as colour scheme but apart from that the animation works really well. The last animation is that Debra Stephenson with her body-less dooplganer performing on stage although this animation needs a bit more work, it not just right yet.

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