Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Animation Prototype 35

Here is another prototype version of the Women of the World/Women of Hull Animation:

This animation is now now reaches it’s own credits and the animation are all complete. Debra now finishes her performance and poses for the audience. The walking animation is now much longer and does a bit more helping draw in the target audience a lot more effectively. The phone now sits on a table while it rings. Norma Waterson’s animation is based on Dirty Old Town and shows a town that was once clean get dirtier and dirtier. (My Tutor Janis did point out that maybe I should just show chimney’s smog up the blue sky) to save not only time but also make the situation much more believable. Tracey Thorn’s animation shows a sail blowing in the wind but this doesn’t portray the connect to her or her song Plain Sailing very well so I will need to go back to this later on.

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