Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V2 Final

Here is the finished version of my Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation

Corrections: Length has been shorten due to the fact that the actual Timeline and Role and Scope went up to 2015 but needed to be cut back because of only a few things in this decade been of importance to the history of Animation so far. The Fonts have been enlarge and aligned due to the fact that they were all over the place as well as the font not all been readable so the size needed to be enlarged.

Mistakes: According to people the way I have shown the important date with symbols on the timeline are not easy to understand, so to fix this I am going to place the name of all the important events, people, products and inventions that are on the timeline with a decent font that is easy to read and understand.

Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation V1

Here is the final version of Animation Timeline and Role and Scope:

Animation Timeline

Mistakes: The first attempt of the Timeline and Role and Scope of Animation according to both my self and the people I have shown stated that the Timeline needs to be cut down near the end due to the fact that I haven’t marked any events yet that are considered important to this decade so far so I either need to cut the end off or fill it in. I also need to enlarge and align the font due to the fact that the actual font is too small making it hard for to read and identify the time period. The font needs to be aligned due to the fact that it makes the actual timeline look neater and more professional.

Click Image to see Timeline/Role and Scope of Animation, then zoom in due to it’s size the actual image appears small but it is massive and needs to be zoomed in on to read.

Timeline Research 1914 – 1945: World War Propaganda

Now the reason why I chose this period for the Timeline and the Role and Scope is because it is one of the beats example of animation during the early 20th Century, this is due to the fact that the style of animation during this period varies and some of the variation are very interesting and can be consider pioneers or inspirations for various styles that we use for today for everyday things. Propaganda has been around for centuries, in fact the term originates from the Roman Catholic Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of Faith, the first official war Pro was produced in the 1914 after the assassination of the archduke of Austria. The aim of propaganda is to attract the attention of the target audience by using unique or distinctive features as well as colours to do so and once the attention of the target audience he propaganda shows the facts and information the creators or desired party wants the target audience to see, often the information on the propaganda can either be complete lies, half truths of the complete truth but is often made to make the desired party look good and the rival party bad.

Here are a few excellent example of how the styles can vary between each other and how they affect the message of the propaganda. For example both images are attempt at recruiting people into the British Militia but how each piece of Propaganda does it is different, the first image does this by displaying fairly accurate images of men and women in military equipment and they are marching into battle. They are also wearing colours that are also eye catching but at the same time represent Britain in some way i.e. the green is similar to British green. The next image focuses on use the sense of patriotism to draw in new recruits by using the British Flag as a means to do so with the big bold words Britishers Enlist to Day. This is marked on the Role and Scope as a means of communication. This is important to the role and scope due to the fact that it is one of the most famous but also key moments within the history of animation due to the fact that it in a sense is one of the very first professional means to draw the attention of people without threatening means and is a marking point in the timeline because it has a wide range of art styles that range of from it in different kinds of advertisement and info graphics.

Time Line Research 3500BC – 400CE: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs were a combination of logo-graphic and alphabetic symbols used to create a form of formal writing as a means of communication. There are other versions of the Hieroglyphics but they are not consider to be the same due to the fact that they are slightly different then the original version, which in it’s formal form was written in curved style and was written on papyrus and wood.

The two informal styles are called Hieratic and Demotic. This is helpful to the Timeline and Role and Scope due to the fact that it one of most important developments of not only Humans communication but also animation due to the fact that it uses a large ranges of imagery, shapes and colours to form the means of communication. Therefor this on the role and scope would have one symbol which is represented by the Communication symbol. This is important not only because of it been a means of communication but because it is one of the very uses of shapes and colours recorded in human history and is classed as a unique style of art because of this and this therefor means that it is a important factor that cannot be ignored.

Although technically this wouldn’t have possible to understand if the Rosetta Stone hadn’t been found, which meant that mankind wouldn’t have been able to translate various ancient languages. Like all ancient means of communication their are universal symbols that we understand even without translating, in fact most languages can be tracked back to the prehistoric period were cave paintings were used as the means of communication.

Timeline Research 2012: The Avengers

The Avengers is a 2012 Movie created by Disney Studios and is based on the Marvel Super Hero Team Comic, The Avengers, Who are also known as the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It is part of the film series that the Disney bought the right to from Marvel, this series is called the Avengers Initiative, the film, The Avengers been under part one with Iron Man 1 and 2 as well as Captain America,Thor and The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers has been succeeded by the Part 2 Segment of the Avengers Initiative with the films Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World, Captain America the Winter Solider, The Avengers Age of Ultron and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2. The Avengers was announced after the success of the first Iron man movie and is one of the most popular of the installments so far. After the film was aired to the world it won numerous awards such as the Academy and BAFTA Awards. The film is set around the return of Loki wielding the tesseract from the Captain America and kidnaps several scientists and attempts to take over the world forcing the Avengers Assemble to avenge humanity. I personally believe this is one of the very best Marvel films yet and it is one of the most effective uses of animation combined with regular actors so far. This film is classed under film and entertainment.

Timeline Research 2004: Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is a Nickelodeon animation that was created by the animator Butch Hartman, the animator responsible for Dexter’s Laboratory, The Power Puffgirls, Fairly Odd Parents and T.U.F.F Puppy. The Animation was first aired on the 3rd April 2004 in America and received positive reviews due to the fact that the show was filled with comedy and action and also due to the fact that the actual animation was children friendly. Danny Phantom is about a fourteen year old boy called Danny Fenton who is a social outcast with ghost hunting parents, who build a device called a ghost portal that opens a portal into the world of ghosts called the Ghost Zone. Unfortunately the portal didn’t work straight away until Danny was dared by his best friends Sam Manson, a goth and Tucker Foley a Techno-geek to go into the portal and in the process Danny accidentally turns on the portal and gets turned into a Half Ghost, Half Human Hybrid, who dedicates using his powers to protect his hometown from Ghost attacks. The animated series ended three years later on August 24th 2007 with a big season finally involving earth been doomed and Danny risking his secret identity to save the the earth. Since cancellation of the show many fans have believed that the show will return and their have been various amounts of hints from Butch Hartman that if enough fans kept support the show, it may return. The show uses Cel animation as the main form of animation and this is currently a popular form of animation due to the fact that it is easy to recreate movement  for the characters and makes the animation appear realistic except for the fact that it is quite colourful. When the show was cancelled it caused riots in New York City. This show was one of the marking points in animation history due to the fact that was one of the first successful super hero animations that apart from Marvels that was successful. This animation is considered under Cartoons and entertainment.

Timeline Research 1993: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a movie produced by Amblin Entertainment and was directed by Steven Spielberg and was based on the novel Jurassic Park which was written in 1990 by Michael Crichton. The film is about a theme that has actual dinosaur that where brought back to life, to entertain tourists who where visiting on their holidays. The film script was produced and helped by Michael Crichton and cost $500,000 to convert the novel into a film. The film managed to produce $900 million worldwide and even surpassed the Spielberg earlier film E.T The extraterrestrial. From the research I have gathered the this could be considered another marking point in animation history due to the fact that the film used a combination of actual actors, animations and robotics to make the film appear really life like and this made the film a lot more scary which was the aim of the Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg. This animation is classed under film and entertainment.

Timeline Research 1991: Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast was aired to the world on the 13th November 1991 and was created by Disney Studios. The films genre is that of a Romantic Comedy and is considered as one of Disney’s most successful movies due to the fact that a wide range of people enjoyed the movie and enjoyed it again after the film was re-released with five minuets of extra footage that included a song called Human Again. The film has been referred by various film critics as historically accurate even though the story involves magic, the film has also been referred to as culturally significant as well. The re-released version included the extra five minuets of footage because the one of the animators who was leading the project for the first release of Beauty and The Beast wanted to included Human again in the original film but he passed away before the film could be finished so in honor of him the second version of the film included the Human again scene that he designed himself. This is a key historical moment within the Animation Timeline due to the fact that it was one of the very last Disney films that was recorded in sort of style before they started to embrace 3D animation techniques and this is old style was the style that made Disney most famous. This is classified as a movie and entertainment.

Timeline Research 1988: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was first aired on the 22nd June 1988 and is set in the world where Cartoons and Humans live in the same world, all though they are separated by a wall dividing the two apart. The story is set around an animated rabbit called roger who is framed for murdering people who helped him create movies and cartoons and it is up to a detective who hates cartoons due to the fact that his partner who was his brother was killed by a cartoon. The creators of the film were Disney studios and Ablin Entertainment and asked various cartoons companies such as Warner Bros entertainment for use of their characters such as Daffy and Bugs to make the film a lot more likable to the target audience. This film was a huge success because it was popular with all ages and has been said to inspire the golden age of animation within America. I personally believe that this was a key point within animation history because it inspired various animators to take up the carrier in animation. I classify this under movies and entertainment.

Timeline Research 1982: Tron

After the release of Star Wars, many Sci-Fi movies where released but one of the most successful one that followed the success of Star Wars was Disney’s production Tron. The film is set around a virtual world that a young program gets trapped in by accident and the only way for him to escape is to interact with the various programs that are embed within the virtual worlds main frame. The production and development of Tron started in 1976  and is based on the very first video game PONG. Originally the film was offered to various animation and film studios to be produced but none of them believed that the film would be successfully but where later proven wrong when Disney Studios saw potential within the film and created the actual film. The film was released on July 9th 1982 in America and was that successful the 28 years later a sequel was made called Tron: Legacy which was the based around the son of the original protagonist  who ends up trapped in Tron just like his farther before him. The Tron Franchise has been that popular that their was a cartoon that are based around the begins that live within tron and what happened after the first protagonist left after the end of the first film. I personally believe that the film is decent enough and is a perfect example of how far films involving both animations and actors have actually come so far. This is also classed as movies and entertainment.