Timeline Research 1914 – 1945: World War Propaganda

Now the reason why I chose this period for the Timeline and the Role and Scope is because it is one of the beats example of animation during the early 20th Century, this is due to the fact that the style of animation during this period varies and some of the variation are very interesting and can be consider pioneers or inspirations for various styles that we use for today for everyday things. Propaganda has been around for centuries, in fact the term originates from the Roman Catholic Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of Faith, the first official war Pro was produced in the 1914 after the assassination of the archduke of Austria. The aim of propaganda is to attract the attention of the target audience by using unique or distinctive features as well as colours to do so and once the attention of the target audience he propaganda shows the facts and information the creators or desired party wants the target audience to see, often the information on the propaganda can either be complete lies, half truths of the complete truth but is often made to make the desired party look good and the rival party bad.

Here are a few excellent example of how the styles can vary between each other and how they affect the message of the propaganda. For example both images are attempt at recruiting people into the British Militia but how each piece of Propaganda does it is different, the first image does this by displaying fairly accurate images of men and women in military equipment and they are marching into battle. They are also wearing colours that are also eye catching but at the same time represent Britain in some way i.e. the green is similar to British green. The next image focuses on use the sense of patriotism to draw in new recruits by using the British Flag as a means to do so with the big bold words Britishers Enlist to Day. This is marked on the Role and Scope as a means of communication. This is important to the role and scope due to the fact that it is one of the most famous but also key moments within the history of animation due to the fact that it in a sense is one of the very first professional means to draw the attention of people without threatening means and is a marking point in the timeline because it has a wide range of art styles that range of from it in different kinds of advertisement and info graphics.

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