Timeline Research 1991: Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast was aired to the world on the 13th November 1991 and was created by Disney Studios. The films genre is that of a Romantic Comedy and is considered as one of Disney’s most successful movies due to the fact that a wide range of people enjoyed the movie and enjoyed it again after the film was re-released with five minuets of extra footage that included a song called Human Again. The film has been referred by various film critics as historically accurate even though the story involves magic, the film has also been referred to as culturally significant as well. The re-released version included the extra five minuets of footage because the one of the animators who was leading the project for the first release of Beauty and The Beast wanted to included Human again in the original film but he passed away before the film could be finished so in honor of him the second version of the film included the Human again scene that he designed himself. This is a key historical moment within the Animation Timeline due to the fact that it was one of the very last Disney films that was recorded in sort of style before they started to embrace 3D animation techniques and this is old style was the style that made Disney most famous. This is classified as a movie and entertainment.

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