Timeline Research 2004: Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is a Nickelodeon animation that was created by the animator Butch Hartman, the animator responsible for Dexter’s Laboratory, The Power Puffgirls, Fairly Odd Parents and T.U.F.F Puppy. The Animation was first aired on the 3rd April 2004 in America and received positive reviews due to the fact that the show was filled with comedy and action and also due to the fact that the actual animation was children friendly. Danny Phantom is about a fourteen year old boy called Danny Fenton who is a social outcast with ghost hunting parents, who build a device called a ghost portal that opens a portal into the world of ghosts called the Ghost Zone. Unfortunately the portal didn’t work straight away until Danny was dared by his best friends Sam Manson, a goth and Tucker Foley a Techno-geek to go into the portal and in the process Danny accidentally turns on the portal and gets turned into a Half Ghost, Half Human Hybrid, who dedicates using his powers to protect his hometown from Ghost attacks. The animated series ended three years later on August 24th 2007 with a big season finally involving earth been doomed and Danny risking his secret identity to save the the earth. Since cancellation of the show many fans have believed that the show will return and their have been various amounts of hints from Butch Hartman that if enough fans kept support the show, it may return. The show uses Cel animation as the main form of animation and this is currently a popular form of animation due to the fact that it is easy to recreate movement  for the characters and makes the animation appear realistic except for the fact that it is quite colourful. When the show was cancelled it caused riots in New York City. This show was one of the marking points in animation history due to the fact that was one of the first successful super hero animations that apart from Marvels that was successful. This animation is considered under Cartoons and entertainment.

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