Time Line Research 3500BC – 400CE: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs were a combination of logo-graphic and alphabetic symbols used to create a form of formal writing as a means of communication. There are other versions of the Hieroglyphics but they are not consider to be the same due to the fact that they are slightly different then the original version, which in it’s formal form was written in curved style and was written on papyrus and wood.

The two informal styles are called Hieratic and Demotic. This is helpful to the Timeline and Role and Scope due to the fact that it one of most important developments of not only Humans communication but also animation due to the fact that it uses a large ranges of imagery, shapes and colours to form the means of communication. Therefor this on the role and scope would have one symbol which is represented by the Communication symbol. This is important not only because of it been a means of communication but because it is one of the very uses of shapes and colours recorded in human history and is classed as a unique style of art because of this and this therefor means that it is a important factor that cannot be ignored.

Although technically this wouldn’t have possible to understand if the Rosetta Stone hadn’t been found, which meant that mankind wouldn’t have been able to translate various ancient languages. Like all ancient means of communication their are universal symbols that we understand even without translating, in fact most languages can be tracked back to the prehistoric period were cave paintings were used as the means of communication.

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