Timeline Research 1982: Tron

After the release of Star Wars, many Sci-Fi movies where released but one of the most successful one that followed the success of Star Wars was Disney’s production Tron. The film is set around a virtual world that a young program gets trapped in by accident and the only way for him to escape is to interact with the various programs that are embed within the virtual worlds main frame. The production and development of Tron started in 1976  and is based on the very first video game PONG. Originally the film was offered to various animation and film studios to be produced but none of them believed that the film would be successfully but where later proven wrong when Disney Studios saw potential within the film and created the actual film. The film was released on July 9th 1982 in America and was that successful the 28 years later a sequel was made called Tron: Legacy which was the based around the son of the original protagonist  who ends up trapped in Tron just like his farther before him. The Tron Franchise has been that popular that their was a cartoon that are based around the begins that live within tron and what happened after the first protagonist left after the end of the first film. I personally believe that the film is decent enough and is a perfect example of how far films involving both animations and actors have actually come so far. This is also classed as movies and entertainment.

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