Timeline Research 1988: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was first aired on the 22nd June 1988 and is set in the world where Cartoons and Humans live in the same world, all though they are separated by a wall dividing the two apart. The story is set around an animated rabbit called roger who is framed for murdering people who helped him create movies and cartoons and it is up to a detective who hates cartoons due to the fact that his partner who was his brother was killed by a cartoon. The creators of the film were Disney studios and Ablin Entertainment and asked various cartoons companies such as Warner Bros entertainment for use of their characters such as Daffy and Bugs to make the film a lot more likable to the target audience. This film was a huge success because it was popular with all ages and has been said to inspire the golden age of animation within America. I personally believe that this was a key point within animation history because it inspired various animators to take up the carrier in animation. I classify this under movies and entertainment.

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