Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context: Undercover Grandma Animation Prototype 4 – Final

Here is the final prototype for the Undercover Grandam Animation:

As you can see I have finished the body of the thug/criminal but the actual animation of the undercover grandma’s legs still needs work because they are still quite glitches so I will eventually fix that. The other scenes have all been developed that is actually what you see at the end of the last animated character interacts due to the fact it helped me develop the animation so I could get it to work better. There is a quite a bit of dramatic impetus and emotive context in this because of the misleading of the undercover grandma herself been a weak old women and I have managed to do this for most of the animation especial with her leg movements and movable luggage even if it does glitch a lot. The emotive context make you actually feel quiet sorry for the old lady but at the same time quite curious about her nature and why she is approaching the thug or mysterious person. I am ending this animation due to the fact that the dead line is up soon and I cannot finish this in time unfortunately but I will try to come back to eventually and finish it for my own personal enjoyment, even though I have enjoyed this project very much.

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