Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 2.4

Here is the next prototype of the Bullying Animation:

This animation has the victim successfully stir his breakfast and milk without any glitches or problems occurring such as the miss positioning of the hand when the spoon is been stired.

As you can see I have utilized the images that my tutor allowed me to take of her pretending to stir a liquid to fix not only the glitches but also the positioning of the hand. These images have been a great help to my bullying animation project in so many ways and I hope it will help me in future. This animation also has all the animation background successfully done and in position, the only downside like previously is that the cells aren’t designed to stay around for long enough, so I will need to fix the amount of time they stay around for. The animation also has a sort of successful walking motion with the victim through the park, the motions of the walking seem to be working successfully and it looks like he is actual walking like I actual human. The down side of the walking motion is that it swaps speed and positioning suddenly and it make it look like the victim is suddenly limping so I will need to tweak that soon, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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