Narrative Structure – Non Fiction: Bullying Animation Prototype 1.6

Here is the Bullying animation Prototype 1.6:

As you can see this animation prototypes isn’t the best but there is room for improvement all the same. For example this animation while showing the waking up scene for the victim still has a lot to of glitches to fix for example I am not happy with his general body design, it is awful, admittedly not my best work at all but this is why they are prototypes because they still need work. So next time I need to redo the body of the victim to make it more appropriate and match the animation style better, for example make sure the colours aren’t as bright next time and alter the thickness of the lines. Another fault with the victim was that he was missing his hand, the one that is suppose to control the spoon when it stirs, the reason for this is that I needed to understand how the motion of the hand works when using a spoon to stir a liquid.

So my tutor offered to display the stir motions for me, so that I could understand what I needed to do for the motions and the hand positioning. So in the next animation the motioning and positioning of the hand should be correct or at least close enough.

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