Creative Context: Client and Location Research

I am starting to look into Locations and Clients that I could possibly use to present my work to the public with. I have previously given a example which can be used here again as one of the actual ideas I have considered using for this part of my project, the example that I previously used was Beverley Library.

Beverley Library/Treasure House/Art Galley:


The reason why it has several different names is because it contain not only a Library but also a historical archive and a art gallery. The reason why I am considering this as a location for my finished projects presentation is because it gets a large amount of tourist visiting it for all three of it’s main features especially since these are constantly kept up to date so the work is all ways fresh and new. Also because of the city of culture coming up in hull the chances of the population of tourists visiting Beverley will increase because it is a town outside of hull so that will also draw in their attention. Another reason why I considered using this location is that it also gets a lot of the age group my animated project is aiming for visiting it either for school work such as visiting the historical exhibits for there history work  or just coming for the social events that are occasionally held. The social events held at this location as well will also be an effective means to see my work been displayed to the public for my client work.

Their are few problems that I might get here if I do attempt to find a client willing to display my work to the public here. For example since the building is a council run, one they may not accept work from students or random people unless they have evidence for it i.e. a history of displaying work etc. Although this may not be as hard as a thought since they do display a vast amount of art exhibits at this museum/library. This might be one of the better options here.

Another location I considered was Beverley Minster Primary School:

Beverley Minster Primary School:

Ofsted Celebrations For Beverley Minster CE School

I chose this as one of my possible choices because I know some of the teacher here since I once was a student here my self. It might be possible for me to get my work displayed here due to the fact that since I know the teachers there, one of them might be willing to be my client and allow me to display my animation in the school library, maybe on the computer as a screen saver since my project aims around this age group. I am concerned that since I haven’t been at this school in a while that they while it might be very tricky to see a member of staff or even get my work displayed to the public or at least the students  especially since the regulations now to visit have become a lot more strict for several obvious reasons.

My concern was proven correct when I attempted to gather my research for another animation I was working, I had to fill out several different forms of paper work that would take months to circulate through the school education system and I would have been too much hassle just to try and get my work displayed here especially since it took a while just to visit some of the teachers and students for date for another animation.

Beverley Guild Hall:

I chose this location because it is Beverley secondary Museum, so it was bound to get a lot of attention from the public in the area as well as tourists. This museum was also a interesting choice because it is a former courthouse that was used for a long time in Beverley to deal with most of it’s crimes, it was later decommissioned and reformed into a museum where more historical artifacts are kept. It also has several computer monitors around the facility which could have been easily altered to display my work to the public if I could get a client there.

Unfortunately like the library it is a council run building so I would need to find someone high up within the system who would may be able to give me the time for me to propose my idea to them and them may be to become my client. So the chances for me able to get my work displayed here where also very slim especially since this facility didn’t really display art pieces mainly historical artifacts, although there where a few historical paintings such as courthouse in use.

Beverley Grammar School – Learning Support:

I chose this location for displaying my work for several reasons. One of the main reasons why was that I have worked with several of the members that work in Beverley Grammar School’s Learning Support so that will make it easier for me to get my animated project: Bubble and Squeak in this department either as a screensaver or have it projected onto a nearby display board since they use projector technology there. Another reason why I chose this location was because the learning support gets a lot of people within my animations age group designation, so I will be able to get my animation shown to people easily since people are always coming and going.

Downside with this is that like the primary school there is paper work that needs filling out for me to do this and it will take a while for the paper work to circulate regardless if I know people and some of the teachers didn’t believe it was a good idea, although these teachers where from a different department.

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