Creative Context: Animation Presentation Method Research 2

Here is some more research for Creative Context in the Animation Industry:

This animation was created by animation students and lecturers at Gobelins L’ecole de l’image. I chose this animation because it was interestingly done for example again this animation used no vocal language as it’s means of communication to get the story across to the audience. This is done by the running of the actual native american during the short animation, the running and his breathing simply explain that he running from something dangerous in a panic or trying to get somewhere quickly, which is revealed later on to actually be both the British Colonial Forces and he is also trying to get back to his home before they destroy it.  The actual style of this animation is also quite interesting because while it maybe a two Dimensional animation style the way it presents itself constantly is in a 3D way often trying to show the environment and how it is important to character at the time, in this case it is not only his home but it is also his means of escape, his life force if you will.

The next Animation style example is again a Gobelins Animation called SHUDO:

Again this animation tells a story through it’s actions not it’s words, But what is interesting about this animation is that it utilities both the past and present to tell the story of what is happening, while it doesn’t explain how the two characters go there, it does explain their relation ship. The relationship is revealed with flash backs that occur throughout the battle such as they where once Student and Teacher in one of the flash backs, this point is later strengthened by them both been in a similar fighting stance to the flash back. What makes this animation very dramatic is that it is later revealed near the end of the animation is that their relationship had evolved from Teacher and Student to Lovers and one of them falls to the other at the very end of the battle. Why this makes the animation quite dramatic is that battle hides the true story behind the two characters until the shocking reveal near the end where one ends up killing the other.


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