Creative Context: Animation Presentation Brief Response

This post will be a response to the Brief I created earlier for this section of my course.


To alter and present a piece of work that is suitable to the public, in order for it to be later on presented to them in such a manner that lets them see it. There are various ways that the chosen piece can be presented to the public for example it can be used as a screen saver for a schools computer system, been displayed by a projector system by a local bar or pub or even been displayed at a local art exhibit. In order to do this I will need to find a suitable client to discuss my work been shown by them or the group company they work for. The reason for this is so that I can develop the necessary skills to use in the future for example been able to talk to a client who is interested in my work and wants me to produce something for them or me organizing something that I want displaying so that I can gather opinions on how to improve my work.


The piece of Work that I will chose for this brief to be altered for this course is the Bubble and Squeak Animation. What I will do with this animation is first complete it and make sure that it is suitable for this brief as well as for the target audience that I set for this animation. The target audience I did set for this animation was young kids from the age of eight to about sixteen because event though the focus of this animation is indeed comedy the ending of the animation might be considered a bit violent all though this might be my imagination.

This is the animation I will be altering for this project to make it more suitable. What I mean by suitable make sure there are factors such as there is a title opening for the animation to allow the target audience know the name of the characters and who produced the episode. The animation will also require completely been finish off so that I then can add sound effects that are appropriate for the designated age group that the animation is set for.

I have decided that this animation shall not utilize any script or voice acting apart from a few sounds that I will either create my self or find on Royalty Free Sites, meaning that I will only use the actions of the characters to explain the story to the audience, this idea originated from my research on Animation Industry styles and presentation methods such as Tom and Jerry: See Below:


I will also add credits to the animation to state which sounds I have gathered and used that are both mine and Royalty free and give the credit that the creators deserve in said credits. Due to the fact that I my animation focuses on a wide age range, I will focus on making the animations ending as a humorous one that doesn’t upset the audience in the process but makes them laugh. Unlike the short Animation called the Trail produced by Gobelins L’ecole de l’image.

All though the reason for this dramatic ending is most likely because the animation was a non-fiction one and was based on the actual events of the American Civil War where most of the native Americans where pushed out of their homes, for the moving colonists. The difference between this animation and my own is that they are two different genres and styles the Trail while using drama and action is a Non-Fiction Animation based on data and historical information, while Bubble and Squeak is a Comedy and Humor based Fiction Animation made purely from my own imagination with the inspiration of various other cartoons and food name i.e. Bubble and Squeak.

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