I visited Manchester to gain ideas and inspiration for Animation course this year, we visited the outskirts of Manchester where this part of the city is know as MediaCityUK due to the fact that it has various attractions such as museums and Gallery’s that to do with media. The buildings in this images are the BBC and ITV Studios, seeing the actual studios of two of Britain’s biggest television media providers gave me various ideas that I could use later on within my animations and sketches. Near to the studios is the Imperial War Museum Which I also visited, we visited the museum to see all the exhibits to see if they could give us any ideas for our work in the future, such as the clothing used by soldiers from the hundred years or the actual shapes and spaces within the museum.


This is one of the examples of an exhibit that is located within the Imperial War Museum, A deactivated Nuclear Bomb, which has given me a few ideas for a comedy animation that involves a dud bomb and lots of people not realizing what has happening to it, creating a moment of humor and doing the opposite of what the bomb is designed to do which is create fear and cause death. We also looked around parts of Manchester to get a idea of how we use the architecture of the buildings in the future or to get a look at the movement of the people who where moving around the city. We did this to give us as in the animators an idea of how each character either they be in reality or a mad up reality all move in their own unique way to create a sense of individuality. For Example I notice a man that walked quite fast by taking quite big steps and in the process but in the process would be swingeing his arms a lot.

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